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How do I apply to the MD/PhD Program?

For entry to the MD/PhD Program in September, you need to apply to the Ontario Medical School Application Service (OMSAS) in October of the preceding year . A separate application to the MD/PhD program is made on line at Graduate Studies Online Application with a deadline of November 2 of the year preceding entry to the program.

When should I apply to the MD/PhD Program?

Application to the McMaster MD program deadline is October of the year preceding entry:

Ontario Medical School Application Service (OMSAS)

Application to the MD/PhD program deadline is November 2 of the year preceding entry to the program:

Graduate Studies Online Application

Do I need to have the agreement of my proposed PhD research supervisor?

The McMaster MD/PhD program starts with a year of research training you’re your supervisor must be identified well in advance of starting your program. Faculty start selecting new students in February for start in September, so it is advisable to start looking early to identify a suitable supervisor. Selecting a suitable supervisor is key to the success of your MD/PhD training; please feel free to contact the MD/PhD Program Director to help with this process. Faculty lists can be found on the appropriate program website:

Can the same letters of reference be used as part of my MD and MD/PhD program application?

No. Letters of reference submitted as part of your MD/PhD program application must address your research experience and potential. The same or different individuals may be asked to write letters addressing your research strengths. The confidential references come directly to the Graduate Studies (Health Sciences) office; we do not have access to your Medical School application.

If I am currently in McMaster’s MSc program in Biochemistry or Medical Sciences, can I transfer to the PhD?

You may apply if you are in your MSc degree or the first year of your PhD degree.

Applications are also invited from McMaster MD students in their first year of their program.

In which department/program can I do my PhD degree?

We presently have approval for students to carry out their PhD training as part of the McMaster MD/PhD program in any of the following 7 departments:

How does the MD/PhD Admissions work?

There are two separate admissions processes—one for Medicine, and one for the MD/PhD Program. Students must be successful in each application process to gain admission to the McMaster MD/PhD program. Candidates who are unsuccessful in their application would continue in the regular admissions process for the MD program, and/or the graduate program of their choice.

What happens if I require more time in one of my blocks?

There is an opportunity for some flexibility in the arrangement of a student’s curriculum, if requested and/or deemed appropriate by the MD/PhD Program Committee.

What sources of funding are available?

Students should consider applying for funding at the time of their application to the MD/PhD Program. Potential sources of support at the time of admission may be:

  • External awards such as Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS) valued at $15,000, the CIHR MSc award ($17,500) or the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship ($50,000). Natural Science and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) no longer funds MD/PhD students.
  • Internal scholarships (e.g. Douglas C. Russell Memorial Scholarship valued at $13,000 or OGSSTs valued at $15,000).

Students can contact the graduate program at the university they are presently attending, or can contact the MD/PhD program for advice on scholarships.

Students are funded during their time in the Ph.D. program curriculum at the minimum rate of $21,700 per year.

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