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Year One Undergraduate/Graduate Health Professional Programs

Congratulations on admission to the Faculty of Health Sciences at McMaster University. All learners entering the following undergraduate and graduate Health Professional Programs must complete the Year One Health Screening Record form as part of the non-academic requirements for their program AND be cleared by the Health Screening Office:

                              • Child Life & Pediatric Psychosocial Care
                              • Midwifery Education
                              • Nursing Undergraduate and Graduate Programs
                              • Occupational Therapy
                              • Physician Assistant Education
                              • Physiotherapy
                              • Speech-Language Pathology
                              • Undergraduate Medical Education


Deadline for submitting the Year One Health Screening Record:  July 15th, 2024

To download the Year One FHS Health Screening Record:


Year One Health Screening Record


For detailed information about our health screening requirements:


FHS Health Screening Requirements


Once you have completed the Health Screening form please follow the:


Submission Instructions


NOTE: Your Year One Health Screening Record must be cleared or provisionally cleared

by the Health Screening Office for participation in any clinical activities.



Health Screening Requirements


One of the following:

  • Two-step TB skin test (TST) from any time in the past (two separate skin tests given between 7 days and 12 months apart and read after 2-3 days requiring 4 visits to the HCP); AND if negative
  • an additional single (one-step) TST given after March 1st of this year if your two-step was completed prior to March 1st of this year.


  • Positive TST or other positive TB history; AND a chest x-ray dated after the positive TST or other positive TB history.

NOTE 1: you must wait 28 days after a live vaccine (MMR & Varicella) to have a TB test.


Vaccines must be given at age 12 months or older and spaced at least 28 days apart.

  • TWO measles vaccines *OR* Positive serology

  • TWO mumps vaccines *OR* Positive serology

  • ONE rubella vaccine *OR* Positive serology

  • TWO varicella vaccines *OR* Positive serology

NOTE 1: MMR and Varicella vaccines must be given either at the same time or spaced at least 28 days apart. 

NOTE 2: Vaccines ONLY is preferred for measles/mumps/rubella without testing IgG antibody

serology either before or after vaccination, although IgG antibody serology is an acceptable alternative to vaccination

NOTE 3: It is recommended you complete your TB requirements prior to receiving any MMRV vaccinations.


  • Primary vaccination series (last 3 vaccines that meet minimum spacing requirements of one or more months between the first two doses, six or more months between the last two dose) AND

  • Tetanus/diphtheria booster in last 10 years. 

NOTE: You may document the one-time Pertussis vaccine (Tdap) as one tetanus/diphtheria dose. 


  • Mandatory for learners 18 or older even if not due for a booster. 

  • If under 18 years of age, document an adolescent Tdap vaccine received between the age of 14-17.

NOTE: The Health Screening Office will advise learners under 18 years of age when their one-time Pertussis vaccine will be required.





  • Primary vaccination series at age-appropriate schedule and dosages, unless a history of naturally acquired infection or chronic infection is documented.  All documented vaccines count towards the series as long as minimum spacing requirements are met; AND 

  • anti-HBs / HB surface ANTIBODY serology (test for immunity) dated one or more months after completion of a documented primary vaccination series.  Do not repeat previous positive post-series serology. 

Booster vaccine(s) and repeat anti-HBs serology required if not immune after the primary vaccination series (anti-HBs < 10 IU/L):

  • If the primary series was completed more than 6 months ago, ONE booster vaccine plus repeat anti-HBs serology one month later required.  If not immune after the first booster, TWO additional boosters spaced five months apart to complete a second series plus repeat anti-HBs serology one month after the third booster required. 

  • If the primary series was completed 1-6 months ago, a second 3-dose series plus repeat anti-HBs serology one month after completion of the second series required.

Note 1: Learners in the process of completing a vaccination or booster series will be granted a provisional clearance and a timeline for completing the series and serology.

Note 2:  If a learner is not immune after TWO documented vaccination series, they will be considered a vaccine non-responder and further vaccines are not required.



This section applies to Midwifery, Physician Assistant, Undergraduate Medicine learners only.

  • Report for HBsAg / HB surface ANTIGEN serology (test for chronic Hepatitis B infection) dated one or more months after completion of a documented primary vaccination series; OR

  • if your Hep B vaccination series is in process, a baseline HBsAg test dated after March 1st this year is required for a provisional clearance and then the same HBsAg test must be repeated one month or more after the Hep B series is completed.

NOTE:  Have the HBsAg test BEFORE any new Hepatitis B vaccines are given (can be the same day), otherwise you must wait at least 28 days after vaccination to avoid the possibility of a false positive result. 

  • HIV and Hepatitis C (HCV) serology dated after March 1st this year.  Copies of lab reports are not required but may be submitted in place of the HCP completing that section on the Year One Health Screening form.

NOTE: Learners must SELF-REPORT any positive BBV test results to their Assistant/Associate Dean.   


For more information:



Pertussis Vaccine (TDAP)

Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Varicella

Hepatitis B Immunization & Serology

Blood Borne Viruses

Frequently Asked Questions


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