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First Year Students

Congratulations on admission to the Faculty of Health Sciences at McMaster University.  As a student in our faculty, you are on your way to becoming a health care provider, and as such, are required to complete a Level 1 Health Screening Record.  The Year 1 Health Screening Record must be completed in full by a Health Care Provider (physician, nurse practitioner, registered nurse) and submitted in accordance with the Program Schedule below.  This is a mandatory requirement for registration in your program, and entrance to the clinical setting.

Helpful Tips

  • Be certain you have blood work drawn and tested for all the necessary titres (measles, mumps, rubella, varicella and Hepatitis B). Titres are the serology used to determine if you have evidence of immunity to a particular disease. Having the required vaccinations does not mean you have immunity.
  • Start early! Titre results and follow up vaccinations can take several weeks, so don't wait until the last minute.
  • Ensure you have had an adolescent / adult dose of Tdap (Adacel), even if you have recently had a Td or Tdp booster. For more information regarding this issue, please see TDAP Information.
  • Ensure you have a fully documented TB Skin Test, (date planted, read, induration value and interpretation), even if you had a positive test and x-ray. This is a requirement established by the Canadian Tuberculosis Standard 7th Ed.
  • Ensure your health care provider has filled in the entire form and initialed where necessary, otherwise, your record will be returned not cleared.
  • Once cleared, your original health record will be returned to you, keep your health record in a safe location, as you can be asked to produce this document by a clinical setting at anytime.

Submission Information

Program Submission Deadline Submit to
Child Life August 1, 2015 HSC-3N46
Medicine July 15, 2015 MDCL-3104
Midwifery July 15, 2015 MDCL-2210
Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner (Graduate Diploma) August 15, 2015 HSC-3H48
Occupational Therapy August 1, 2015 IAHS-403
Physiotherapy August 1, 2015 IAHS-403
Nursing (Undergraduate) August 15, 2015 HSC-2J36
Physician Assistant August 15, 2015 MDCL-2201
MSc Nursing August 15, 2015 HSC-3H48
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