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Genomics Research at McMaster

Researchers with the McMaster Population Genomics Program (PGP) have access to large collections of DNA and finely phenotyped cohorts at McMaster University and Hamilton Health Sciences. This rich database is an excellent resource for studying genetic associations with common complex diseases but will take sophisticated methodological approaches to reliably assess them.

The PGP’s home in the Department of Health Research Methods, Evidence, and Impact brings it a rich tradition of developing innovative biostatistical methodologies that will help spark high-impact breakthroughs in the new frontier of population-genomics research.


McMaster is one of many universities exploring the frontiers of genomics research. Research centres at McMaster University and affiliated hospitals offer a rich pool of potential collaboration and learning.

McMaster Genome Centre

  • 454 sequencer

Clinical Trials Research Laboratory

  • Dr. Matt McQueen, director of the Clinical Research Clinical Trials Laboratory, Hamilton General
  • Large Liquid Nitrogen storage facility

Collaboration and support from McMaster's Research & High-Performance Computing Support unit and access to SHARCNET