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Genetic and Molecular Epidemiology Laboratory (GMEL)

The Genetic and Molecular Epidemiology Laboratory (GMEL) provides a broad range of genomics solutions from high-throughput DNA/RNA extraction to sample quantitation and quality assessment, microarray-based experiments (genotyping, gene expression, methylation), next-generation sequencing (exome, RNA, custom target, low-pass whole-genome), multiplexed protein biomarker assays, and many other services. Our laboratory specializes in large-scale population genetic studies, and as such, is capable of handling project sizes ranging from single samples to > 10,000 samples. Additionally, we provide support for experimental design considerations, bioinformatics and statistical analyses, and interpretation/ reporting of results.

Located in the core of downtown Hamilton at the David Braley Cardiovascular and Stroke Research Institute, the GMEL directed by Dr. Guillaume Paré spans approximately 2,500 sq. ft. and is fully equipped to perform cutting-edge genomics experiments. The GMEL possesses a broad variety of instrumentation (QIAsymphony, BioAnalyzer, Fragment Analyzer, Illumina iScan, 2 Ion Torrent S5XL Sequencers, BioNano Genomics Irys System, Thermofisher ViiA7 RT-PCR System, QuantStudio 3D Digital PCR System, Bio-Plex Luminex Multiplex assays, SomaLogic SOMAscan assay) as well as the necessary bioinformatics infrastructure (10 dedicated servers) to process large genomics projects at reasonable turnaround times.

Services Available


DNA and RNA extraction - manual and automated (QIAsymphony)

Microarray Testing - Illumina, iScan


Infinium CoreExome

Infinium OmniExpress, OmniExpressExome

Infinium Omni2.5, Omni2.5Exome

Infinium Omni5, Omni5Exome

Infinium Multi-Ethnic Global

Global Screening Array



Custom Infinium genotyping (3-90K or 90,001-700K marker density)

*Semi-custom (add-on) content available


Infinium MethylationEPIC Array

Next-Generation Sequencing - Ion Torrent, S5XL

Exome Sequencing

Ion Ampliseq Exome


Ion Ampliseq Transcriptome

Total RNA-seq

Custom and targeted DNA and RNA sequencing

Low-pass whole genome sequencing

Whole Molecule Sequencing - BioNano Genomics, Irys

TaqMan Genotyping and GeneExpression Analysis - ViiA7 Real-Time PCR System

Pre-designed and custom options available

Digital PCR - QuantStudio 3D

Rare allele detection

Precise copy number variation

Low‐level fold change of gene expression

Quantitation and Fragment Analysis - Fragment Analyzer, Bioanalyzer, Qubit

Biomarker Testing - Luminex and SOMAscan assays

1 - 1,310 biomarkers

*Certified SomaLogic service provider

Bioinformatics Services

We offer flexible bioinformatics support for all genomics services with regards to:

Experimental design and planning considerations
Quality control assurance
Statistical analysis
Results interpretation and reporting
Methodological / analytical tool development and optimization


Laboratory Director, Dr. Guillaume Paré,
Laboratory Manager, Reina Ditta, Tel. 905-521-2100 ext. 40612

David Braley Cardiac, Vascular and Stroke Research Institute
30 Birge Street, Room 1-10 C4 North 207
Hamilton ON L8L 0A6