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Search Engine Optimization

Google indexes websites on a periodic basis. The cylcle completes every 5 to 7 days. So depending on where you are in the cycle, you may have to wait up to a week for a site to be indexed or re-indexed.  There are some measures you can take, however, that will improve how the indexing is done.  

  • Add keywords in the visible content of your page. The visible content is the <title> tag, the first 100 words or so of text on the page, and alt tags for images.  Metatags are only a small part of indexing.  Search engines look at visible content more than invisible content such as metatags.  Metatags help if there is also visible content that agrees with the metatags.  Otherwise, the search robot thinks you may be lying about your content.  
  • Submit your URL to Google:
  • Submit an XML site map to be submitted to Google.  You can generate a site map for free (as long as your site is less than 500 pages) online:
  • Create a Google account and go to Goggle's webmaster tools

    You may monitor your website and submit a sitemap using the Google webmaster tools.
  • Add your site to the dashboard.  Go to the overview page for the site.  Click Sitemaps and Add Sitemap from the left menu.  Follow the instructions to submit a sitemap.  The sitemap is usually processed within 24 hours.
  • If websites from other domains link to your website, the ranking of your website will be higher.