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Installing multiple versions of Firefox

To install muliple versions of Firefox and run them both at the same time, following these instructions:

  1. Download both the versions of Mozila Firefox (1.5/2.0) into a seperate directory
  2. Install both the versions into a seperate directories using the “Custom” option.

    For example, install Firefox 2 in the following directory
    C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox2

    For example, install Firefox 3 in the following directory
    C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox3
  3. After installing, open the profile manager. Go to Start > Run and paste the below code

    "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox3" -ProfileManager
  4. Create two new profiles: "Firefox2" and "Firefox3".
  5. Start notepad and paste the following code for FF2.0

    @echo off
    set MOZ_NO_REMOTE=1
    start "" "C:\Program Files\Mozilla\Firefox2\firefox.exe" -P "Firefox2.0.x"
    set MOZ_NO_REMOTE=0

    Save file as "firefox3.bat” to your desktop
  6. Create another file for Firefox 3 in notepad with the following code:

    @echo off
    set MOZ_NO_REMOTE=1
    start "" "C:\Program Files\Mozilla\Firefox3\firefox.exe" -P "Firefox1.5.x"
    set MOZ_NO_REMOTE=0

    Save it as "firefox3.bat" to your desktop.

  7. Execute one or both files.