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How to create a new web page in Dreamweaver?

When you create a new page in Dreamweaver using the McMaster templates, you must follow this procedure:

  1. From the Dreamweaver menu, select File > New.
  2. A New Document dialog box appears. Select Page from Template in the left column, your site in the middle column, and choose one of the templates that begin with "format*" in the third column that corresponds with the desired layout. For example, select either the format2_1 template or the format2_2 template.
  3. Replace the dummy content in the editable regions with the content for the page.

    Do not put content in the "body_end" editable region. This region is reserved for javascript. Only custom left navigation should be put in the "left_nav_content" editable region.
  4. Save the file with a .html extension. Use all lower case characters in the file name. Do not use embedded spaces in the file name. Instead, if you want improved readability, use the underscore (_) character in place of embedded spaces. For example, my_page.html is a good file name. The server sometimes does not interpret case when uploading files to the server (FTP).

If you don't create the pages from the template files as above, then the templates will not work. So when the templates change, you would have to change each page individually instead of just downloading and applying the new set of templates.

Sometimes people copy the template files, modify and then save them as html page files. If you created the html pages by copying rather than applying the templates. then the templates will no longer function as templates. The library files are part of the templates.