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How to import a site definition for a website using Dreamweaver Site Definition File (STE)

To import a site definition so that you can update your website using Dreamweaver (DW), your server adminitrator may choose to send you Dreamweaver Site File (e.g., yoursite.ste) for the website. Follow these instructions to connect to the website:

  1. Save the Dreamweaver Site File (e.g., yoursite.ste) to your hard drive. Do not put the ste file in the same location as the local copy for the website in Step 2. Do not upload this file to the server. Make sure to delete this file after you complete the the steps below.
  2. Create a new folder on your hard drive that will contain the local copy of the website.
  3. Start Dreamweaver.
  4. Go to Sites -> Manage Sites.
  5. Click Import Site
  6. Browse to the Dreamweaver Site File (e.g., yoursite.ste) that you saved on your hard drive.
  7. Browse to the folder you created in step 1 and click Select. (This is the folder that will contain the local copy of the website files.)
  8. Click Open.
  9. In the Manage sites dialog box, double click on the site and the site setup dialog box will appear.

    Set setup dialog box
  10. Select Server.
  11. Double click on remote server.
  12. Select Advanced tab.
  13. Change the check-out name and email address to yours.

    Site Setup Advanced Panel
  14. Click Save, Save, OK and Done.
  15. In the Files panel, select the website, click the Get icon (green arrow) and click Yes when asked if you want to download the entire website.
  16. The folder on your local hard drive should now contain an exact duplicate of the folder on the server that contains the website.  It’s always best to try to keep the two copies the same and synchronized.
  17. It is a good idea to synchronize your local files with the files on the server every time you start to work on the website since other people are authorized to update the webiste. Follow these instructions to synchronize:

    Dreamweaver synchronization
  18. You should now have a site connection to your website on your server and may proceed with updates.