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What to do if site connection not listed on Contribute Start Page?

A glitch in the Windows version of Contribute CS6 causes connections not to appear on the Contribute Start Page. Bookmarking is an effective work around. The connection is still stored in Contribute but it's missing from the Contribute Start Page.

Set up bookmark

The initial time you start Contribute and you don't see your connection listed on the Contribute Start Page, you can create the bookmark to the website:

  1. Start Contribute
  2. Enter (or cut and paste) the URL of the website in the Address box and click Go.
  3. Does the Connect button appear above the address box? If so, then you have a connection to the webiste. If the Create Connection button appears, contact your server administrator for a connection key.
  4. Click Connect.
  5. Select Bookmarks > Add Bookmark from the Contribute menu. You may want to shorten the name of the bookmark if it is too long.
  6. Edit pages on the website.

Connect using bookmark

The next time you start Contribute, you can use the bookmark to find the connection to the website:

  1. Start Contribute
  2. Select Bookmarks > Your Website (name you gave the website in Step 4 when set up the bookmark)
  3. Click Connect.
  4. Edit pages on the website.