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How to create a new web page in Contribute and add a link to the page in the website navigation

The McMaster templates contain both a horizontal top navigation bar and a vertical left navigation column. If your website uses the McMaster global navigation in the top navigation, then your website will use the left navigation as its primary navigation for the website. If your website uses the top navigation bar for its primary navigation, then the left navigation may be optionally used for secondary navigation.

NOTE: Contribute cannot update either the top navigation or left navigation. Your website technical support will need to update the navigation for you using Dreamweaver.

When you create a new page aned want to add it to the navigation, follow this procedure:

  1. Create a new page using the instructions at this link. A new page must be created before the navigation is updated. Otherwise, the new link in the navigation would be broken.
  2. After you click New to create a new page, a New Web Page dialog box appears. Enter readable text the Page Title text box. This is the browser page title that appears in the browser's title bar at the top the the browser window. In the HTML source code, the browser page title appears inside of the title tags as follows:

    <title>Page Title</title>

    The browser page title is also used to determine the page title, in Google search results, in accessibility readers for the visually impaired and in links from social media websites such as Facebook. For example, you might want to create a page with the following page title:

    Contact Us

    Page Title screen
  3. Enter the content for the page. There is a page_title editable region in the McMaster templates. Usually you should enter the same text as you did for the Page Title field in step 2 above. Sometimes, however, you might want a short version of the text in the Page Title field in step 2 and a longer version of the text in the page title editable region in this step.

    Enter readable text in the page_title editable region
  4. Click Publish.
  5. A box will appear asking you to provide a file name for the page. The default is the Page Title you entered in step 1 above but with embedded spaces removed. Change any capital letters to lowercase. If you want the file name to be more readable, enter underscore characters where the embedded spaces would appear in the readable text. Take note of this name so that you can notify the person who will udpate the navigation. For example, a good name for the Contact Us page is as follows:


    Enter file name for page in all lowercase letters and no embedded spaces
  6. Send an email to your website technical support person with the following information:
    • File name for the new page from step x above.
    • Readable text you want to appear in the navigation
    • Position in the navigation where you want new link to go

    The website technical support person only for websites in the Faculty of Health Sciences that use the McMaster templates is Brian Hamister. The website techical support person will use Dreamweaver to update the library files for the navigation and propogate the updated library files to all the pages in the website.
  7. Your website technical support person will then update the navigation and return your email to let you know that the navigation has been updated with the new link.

    Examples of email messages:
    • Insert "About the Department" linked to "about_us.html" in the left navigation under the link for the home page.
    • Insert "Publications" linked to "publications.html" in the left navigation in the drop down for "Faculty" below the "Faculty News" link and above the "Faculty Contacts" link.
    • Insert "Contact Us" in the top navigation on the far right after the link for "Research".
    • Insert "History of the Department" linked to "history.html" in the top navigation as the first link in the drop down for "About Us" above the "Mission Statement" link.