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How to replace an existing file with a new version in Contribute?

Here are instructions on how to replace a file that is already on your website:

  1. Note the file name of the file on the server and the folder where it is located. Rename the new version of the file on your hard drive to be the same file name as on the server.
  2. Start Contribute and Connect to the website.
  3. From the Contribute menu, select File > Publish File from my Computer.
  4. In the Select File dialog box, browse to the file on your hard drive, select it and click Choose.
  5. In the Select Website dialog box, select the website from the drop down and click OK.
  6. In the Publish New Page dialog box, click Select Folder, browse to the document folders and click Select.
  7. Click Publish.
  8. Make sure the Replace radio button is selected and click OK.
  9. In your browser, go to the web page that links to the file, click the link and verify that the file is the updated version.