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How to rename a page in Contribute?

Contribute does not allow you to directly rename a page. However, you can make a copy of a page, publish it with a new file name and then delete the original page.

  1. Browse to the page you want to rename.
    — OR —
    Click the Choose button in the toolbar; then select the file you want to rename.
  2. Click the Edit button.
  3. Select File > Actions > Publish as New Page from the Contribute menu.
  4. In the Publish dialog box, enter the new file name and publish the new page. File names should consist only of lowercase letters (a-z), numbers (0-9) and underscores (_) in any combination. A file name should begin with a lowercase letter. Underscores are useful in place of spaces in the file name for readability.
  5. Update links to page:
    • If there is a link to the page in the navigation for the website, contact your web administrator to update the link using Dreamweaver.
    • Update any links in the website content that still point to the page with the original file name so that they point to the page with the new file name:
      How to update a link on a web page?
  6. After all links to the orignal file name have been updated to point to the new file name, delete the page with the original file name:
    How to delete a page in Contribute?