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How to publish a new file in Contribute?

Here are instructions on how to publish a file independently of publishing a web page or to replace a file with a new version. Do not use this method to publish pages.

  1. Make sure that the file you are going to publish does not have special characters or spaces in the file name. Also, it is better to use all lowercase letters in the file name. Rename the file if necessary.
  2. Start Contribute and Connect to the website.
  3. From the Contribute menu, select File > Publish File from my Computer.
  4. In the Select File dialog box, browse to the file on your hard drive, select it and click Choose.
  5. In the Select Website dialog box, select the website from the drop down and click OK.
  6. In the Publish New Page dialog box, click Select Folder, browse to the folder where you want the file to be located and click Select. Documents should be placed in the /documents folder. Images should be placed in the /images folder.
  7. Note the URL of the file next to "Web address."
  8. Click Publish.
  9. Go to your browser, enter the URL from step 7 and click Enter. Verify that the correct file has been uploaded.