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How to insert a link to a website or web page outside of your website?

To insert a link to a website or a web page that is not in your website, follow these instructions:

  1. Enter the text for the link in one of the content areas of the page and highlight that text. The text for links should be meaningful when viewed out of context with the surrounding text. Avoid text for links such as click here. Instead use a link that is meaningful when read on its own such as click here for more information on inserting links or simply how to insert a link.

    Ontario's new accessibility laws require that the text of a link must make sense out of context with the surrounding text. The reason is that visitors who are visually impaired with use the tab key to jump to the link without necessarily hearing any of the surrounding text. Visitors who view the page visually can scan for meaning in the surrounding text, but it is much more difficult for visually impaired visitors. Contribute insert link
  2. Click the Insert Link icon in the Contribute toolbar.

    Insert Link icon
  3. Select Browse to Web Page from the drop down options.

    Insert Link options
  4. In the Insert Link dialog box, click the Browse button.

    Insert Link dialog box - browse
  5. In the Browse to Link dialog box, click on links or enter a URL in the address bar just as you would browse to a web page in your browser. When the page you want to link to is displayed in the browser window, click OK.

    Browse to Link
  6. The link with a page preview will appear in the Insert Link dialog box.

    Insert Link dialog box
  7. To make the page for the link open in the current window or in a new window, open the Advanced section at the bottom of the Insert Link dialog box. Next to the label "Target frame", select Default from (or leave as Default in) the drop down if you want the page to open in the current window. If you want the page to open in a new window, select New Window from the drop down.

    New window
  8. Click OK to finish creating the link.

    Complete link to website
  9. The link will appear where you had highlighted the link text.