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How to insert or update an email link on a page?

  1. If you are enteing a new email link, type the text for the email link in the place on the page where you want it to be located. This text could be "John Smith's email address” or”. This text is for display only.  It can be the email address or it can be something else. It is not the actual email address. The text should be meaningful when viewed out of context with the surrounding text. Avoid text for links such as email. Instead use a link that is meaningful when read on its own such as John Smith's email address or simply
  2. If you are updating an emal link, change the text if required.
  3. Select the text for the email link. 
  4. Click the Insert Links button and select E-mail address from the drop down.

    Insert email link
  5. In the Insert Link Dialog box, enter or update the email address in the text box under E-mal address.  The text you entered will be in the box under Link text.

    Insert Email Link dialog box
  6. Click OK.