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How to find what the file name should be for a page that has already been defined in the navigation structure (menu) of a website?

Open a browser and browse to one of the pages for the website that contains the link in the navigation structure (top horizontal menu or left vertical menu) for the website.

When you create the pages that are linked to from the navigartion, the pages must have the same file names as defined in the navigation.  To find out what name you should give a file for a page, hover over the corresponding link in the navigation.  The file name will appear after the URL for the website in the bottom left corner of your browser.  For example, if you hover over the child link in the top menu for this website, the file name will appear in the bottom left corner of the browser:

Contribute find page file name image 1

In the bottom left corner of the browser, the link appears as follows:

Contribute find page file name image 2

The URL for the website starts with http and ends with the last slash.  The file name begins after the last slash and ends with html.  When you publish the file for the first time, you will be asked to provide a name for the file. In this example, the file name must be "clinicial_child.html". To test that you used the correct file name, go to your browser and click on the link in the navigation. You should be taken to the page that you published.