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Updating McMaster templates for accessiblity compliance

The following changes to the McMaster templates for accessibility compliance:

  • Added ARIA menu that activates tabbed navigation.
  • Top navigation bar now uses superfish to control drop down. Since superfish did not work correctly in IE6 and IE6 is no longer supported, an update your browser
  • Global top navigation updated for accessibility.
  • The McMaster logo uses a CSS image replacement technique to ensure the heading tag retains "McMaster University" as its semantic info. The heading replacement CSS is found in the /css/site.css file.
  • The "Quick Links" form now has a "GO" button since onchange handlers violate accessibility.
  • The quick links and search fields are now properly labeled.
  • The "Search Scope" radio selection is wrapped with a fieldset with a hidden legend reference.
  • The top menu now has keyboard functionality (CTRL + ALT + M) with ARIA Implementation.
  • Website title in left navigation bar is now enclosed in an H1 tag.

Accessibility Conversion Kit