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How do I offer feedback to the team participants about their collaboration skills?

The last task assigned to the observer is to lead a short debriefing session with the team participants. It is important to keep in mind that this exercise can be what the team decides before they start: an assessment or learning exercise, or a more formalized evaluative process. We have found that the TOSCE is valuable for both for assessment, learning and growing and education, as well as for process evaluation. You may want to use it before/after adding a new team member or before/after team-based training as comparison or prompt for discussion. 

Literature indicates that participants in a TOSCE station found that one of the most valuable pieces of the TOSCE is receiving structured feedback. Feedback can be given in a number of ways. Many teams like to offer each other feedback: As you lead the debriefing session have the team members ask each other how they feel the session went. Additionally, if you use a standardized patient, it may be valuable to have that person give some feedback about the experience. 

Feedback from the observer is very valuable as you can offer this feedback as an objective third party. This can be a flexible format where you can discuss what they felt and saw, and you can go through some of your thinking process as you filled out the checklist. You should establish with the team well in advance whether you will go through the individual performances and scores or just the overall team performance.

Click here for the suggested debriefing guide.

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