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A good chemical management program will require implementation of the Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS). The WHMIS requirements in Ontario are identified in Regulation 860 made under the Occupational Health & Safety Act (OHSA).

McMaster's safety program related to hazardous materials is RMM501 - Hazardous Materials Management System includling WHMIS Program

A WHMIS program consists of three basic elements: supplier & workplace labels, Safety Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and employee training.

  1. Labels are required on containers of WHMIS controlled products.
    • Suppliers must attach a a Supplier Label to any WHMIS controlled product.
    • If a chemical is poured off into an unlabeled container, you must affix a workplace label to the container.
  2. Safety Data Sheets (SDS) are required in a workplace for each WHMIS controlled product.
  3. WHMIS training is required for each employee within the FHS. WHMIS 2015 training is offered through the MOSAIC system. The course code is WHMS15.

The Ministry of Labour administers the WHMIS Regulation and they offer a Guide to the WHMIS Legislation.


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Updated 2-Apr-2020

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