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Mosaic Training - Frequently Asked Questions - FHS

NEW EMPLOYEES:  Effective November 26th, 2020 all new employees will automatically be enrolled in mandatory Health and Safety, Primer on Privacy and AODA Human Rights training.   In most circumstances the new employee’s training courses will be available in Avenue to Learn on their first day of employment.

How do I know which Health and Safety training I am required to do?

The following health & safety training courses are mandatory for all individuals working at McMaster University (additional training may be required by some individuals depending with worksite hazards):

    • Health & Safety Orientation
    • Ergonomics
    • Slips, Trips and Falls
    • Asbestos Awareness
    • Fire Safety (FRTR) or Hospital Fire Safety (FHSFSF)
    • WHMIS 2015
    • Violence & Harassment Prevention in the Workplace
    • Due Diligence (for Supervisors/Managers)
    • Accident Investigation (for Supervisors/Managers)

Auto enrollment for new employees includes the top 7 training sessions listed above.   Faculty of Health Sciences employees will be enrolled in the Hospital Fire Safety training.

To understand additional health & safety training courses you are required to complete, speak with your supervisor, and review the Training Matrices, available at: training/ and outlined in RMM #300: Safety Orientation and Training Program.

In addition to health and safety courses, site specific hazard training and orientation on all real and potential hazards in your area (i.e. location of emergency equipment, fire extinguishers, etc.) must be arranged or completed by your supervisor.


How do I Register for Health and Safety Training?

 If you are a new employee the core training sessions will be available for you in Avenue to Learn on your first day of employment (per above).

Online Training:

 Online health and safety courses currently offered by EOHSS, the Faculty of Health Sciences Safety Office (FHSSO) and the Biosafety office are being conducted through the University’s learning management system, Avenue to Learn.

To register, select the Regulatory Training tile on the Mosaic homepage and search for your courses. Select an online session:

Home>Regulatory Training>“Search by course name”>Leave search field blank>“Search”>“View available sessions” and proceed with your registration until reaching “Submit”

One (1) business day after registering for an online session of a health and safety training course in Mosaic, the course material and quiz will become available for review and completion by logging in to your Avenue to Learn account which can be accessed at Please be sure that the course you register for in Mosaic is listed as ‘ONLINE’. You may also disregard the start and end time of each session when enrolling for online training as the information is solely used for administrative purposes. Once logged into Avenue to Learn, ensure your role is selected as “Student”. These online courses will be automatically graded in Avenue to Learn and the result is recorded in Mosaic one (1) business day after successful completion.

In-Class Training:

EOHSS offers some in-class training sessions. To register, select the Regulatory Training tile on the Mosaic homepage and search for your courses:

Home>Regulatory Training>“Search by course name”>Leave search field blank>“Search”>“View available sessions” and proceed with your registration until reaching “Submit”

Note: If you have registered for an in-class training session but can no longer attend, please contact us with your name, ID#, date, time and location of the session(s) for us to cancel your registration. For EOHSS training, please email For FHS training please email For Biosafety training, please email


What do I do if I am missing the HR tab in Mosaic?

If you are unable to view the Human Resources tab under the Main Menu in Mosaic, please contact UTS at and they can arrange to have that feature added for you. Please ensure to include your full name, student/employee ID# and your MacID in the email.


I have already enrolled in a training session but I would like to change my session date (ie. from one session to another or from an in-class session to an online session).

Mosaic only allows for you to be enrolled in one session at a time. If you have enrolled in an in- class session and then decide to take the online course instead, Mosaic will not allow you to be enrolled in both simultaneously. Only Health and Safety office administrators can adjust the details of your registration. To request a registration change, please contact the appropriate safety office. For EOHSS training, please email so that we can enroll you in the session that you prefer. For FHS or Biosafety training, please email or respectively. Make sure to include your full name, ID# as well as the session(s) information.

What do I do if I’ve successfully enrolled for all training in Mosaic, but I do not have access to Avenue to Learn?

 If you are a new student/employee, you may not be able to complete your training until you activate your MacID within Avenue to Learn. To do this, you must use your MacID and attempt to log in to Avenue to Learn ( so that you can initiate the process of obtaining the necessary access. Within 1 business day, you should have access.

Existing employees may be able to enroll for all their required training and find that they are unable to log in to Avenue to Learn in order to complete it. In this case, please complete a support request from This form will create a ticket. Calls will be answered when support is available at (905) 525-9140 ext. 23757. In your support request include your student/employee ID# and Mac ID, informing them that you have successfully enrolled for training in Mosaic and need access to Avenue to Learn to watch the online modules and complete the associated quizzes.


Where in Avenue to Learn does the Health & Safety training appear?
Please ensure that once you are logged in to Avenue to Learn, you are checking for the training courses under the main heading “My Courses” and the subheading named “Continuing” as shown below.

How do I view class times and locations for my upcoming training?

 Once you have registered for Health and Safety training, you can view your personal training schedule in Mosaic. Please navigate the pathway below to view class times and locations:

Home>Regulatory Training>Learning and Development>Session Time and Status


How do I complete Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) training and receive proof of completion?

 The process to complete AODA training remains unchanged from completing the rest of your Health and Safety training. Simply follow the steps outlined in FAQ #2. Since AODA training is not offered by the FHS Safety Office, you may redirect any questions or concerns to


How do I obtain proof of completed Health and Safety training/obtain a training summary?

Any Health and Safety Training completed in Mosaic will be recorded in a training summary that can be accessed through Mosaic. Employees, students and volunteers (persons of interest) can use the self-service functionality of Mosaic to access a copy of their training record:

Home>Regulatory Training>Training Summary

Proof of training completed using the historical paper copies can be requested by contacting the appropriate safety office (EOHSS, FHS Safety Office & Biosafety Office).
Biosafety Office:


As a manager, how do I track the training status of my direct reports?

 The Manager Self-Service functionality allows managers to track health and safety training completed by their employees using Mosaic. Managers can also register their employees to participate in health & safety training courses. To access your employees’ training records, please navigate the following pathway:
NavBar>Navigator>Human Resources>Manager Self Service>Learning and Development>Training Summary

Note: Proof of training completed using the historical paper copies can be requested by contacting the appropriate safety office (EOHSS, FHS Safety Office & Biosafety Office). See FAQ #6 for contact information. To enroll your employees for Health and Safety training, please navigate the following pathway:
NavBar>Navigator>Human Resources>Manager Self Service>Learning and Development>Request Training Enrollment>Search by Course Name>Search (leave the field blank)>View Available Sessions>Select a session>Continue>Select the check box of employees you wish to enroll>Continue>Submit>OK

What if I need to request system access for visitors (POIs)?


A “Person of Interest (POI) Request” form is available to request Mosaic access for volunteers, visiting scientists, contractors and other visitors allowing these individuals to complete their Health and Safety training. This form should be submitted to by the McMaster employee who is sponsoring or overseeing the person of interest. For example, a lab manager would submit the form for volunteers who need to complete a health and safety training course before assisting in a lab. If you have any questions regarding this form, please contact your HR office or UTS for assistance.


What is a Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) and how do I complete one?

 The process to complete a JHA remains unchanged since the launch of Mosaic. McMaster’s Health & Safety strategy includes the completion of a job hazard analysis for the main activities associated with each individual working at McMaster. A job hazard analysis is essential in clarifying the hazards and controls that are associated with each work activity. Individuals must review the job hazard analysis task forms with their supervisor to ensure all main activities have been identified, and attend the training as identified on the task forms. To view further information regarding JHA's, please refer to the JHA web site or RMM #324: Job Hazard Analysis Program.


How do I become a “Training Coordinator” for my department?

 We have created the role of training coordinator for individuals who are responsible for keeping track of all the training records. This title will allow you access to all of the training records for your department.

To set up this function you will need to submit a service request to UTS through the following path:

Mosaic Access (found on the left menu)> HR Access Request (complete the form and select “Dept training coordinator” from the security section)

Please also enclose or forward an email from your supervisor approving the access.

As a Training Coordinator, how do I access my department’s Training Summary?

 Your department’s training summary is available by logging in to Mosaic and navigating the following path:

      NavBar>Navigator>Human Resources>Administer Training>McMaster Reports/Processes>Reports> Department Training Summary


How do I access the McMaster University Network using VPN from an off campus location?

Attempting to access other parts of the McMaster system from outside the firewall will result in an error message that requests the user connect via the McMaster Virtual Private Network. The VPN Client software allows you to connect to the McMaster University network from an off-campus computer anywhere on the Internet and appear as though your computer is on campus. It also provides extra security by encrypting data to and from your computer, in effect creating a private tunnel through the Internet for your communication.

Instructions on how to access Mosaic through the McMaster VPN can be found here:

Note: Users connecting from a Hamilton Health Sciences or St. Joseph's Healthcare facility do NOT need to use the VPN.


It has been 24 hours and my courses are still not in my Avenue to Learn account, what do I do?

 Please note that both the training enrollment and completion status require (1) business day to update. If a whole business day has passed and the courses you registered for have not yet appeared in Avenue to Learn please double check that Mosaic enrolled you successfully. To do this, you must ensure that your training summary status for the course that you are required to take is set to “Enrolled”. For instructions on accessing your training summary, please see FAQ #6. If you are still unable to view the courses, please see FAQ #3.


I am having issues with the online video module for the Health and Safety courses on Avenue to Learn, what do I do?

 Please try accessing the module from a different browse (Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge). If you are still experiencing technical difficulties, you may read the script but please contact to let us know. For contact information, please see FAQ #6 above.


I registered for a course in MOSAIC, but it does not appear in my Training Summary?
What should I do?

 When registering for sessions in MOSAIC participants need to hit the “SUBMIT” button to have the Request for Training register in the system.  This button often appears on the screen below your sight line on the monitor.  Ensure you scroll to the bottom of the screen when registering to hit the button.  You should receive a confirmation when the SUBMIT button has been selected.  A green check mark appears on the screen to confirm your registration.

A screenshot of a cell phone  Description automatically generated

If you have done so and your registration does not appear within two business days contact for additional follow up. For contact information, please see FAQ #6 above.


I have completed my NARs (Non-Academic Requirements) and did not provide a screen capture from Avenue to my Program and cannot register for the session again.  What should I do?

 Once you have registered in MOSAIC, successfully completed the course in Avenue and the result has transferred back, you are not able to register in the session again until a new session is opened. Proof of training can be provided through the MOSAIC system by following the instructions provided below:

Downloading Your Training Record

Log into Mosaic > Regulatory Training > Training Summary
This will give you a list of courses you have taken. Notice that the dates given on this report are the course start and end dates and that those dates are identical. This represents the last day the course was available to take online.
To track the exact dates you completed training use the following report.
Log into Mosaic > Regulatory Training > Learning and Development > Session Time and Status
Or click here for instructions.


I have completed the FHS Hospital Fire Safety/Code Awareness course, but I have not received a Complete in MOSAIC?  Why is this happening?

As of July 2020, FHS Hospital Fire Safety and Code Awareness were combined into a single course offering, so that an individual’s familiarity with the actions to be taken during an emergency would be increased.  Participants are required to complete both the Fire Safety and Code Awareness modules to receive a Complete in MOSAIC for this course.  Confirm that both modules have been fully completed by selecting Assessments > Grades in the Avenue course.  If there is still an issue, reach out to


 I completed TDG training in Avenue, but I am still listed as Enrolled in MOSAIC?  Why would this happen?  How do I get my TDG card?

 Please review the instructions related to full screen view.

Once the training is successfully completed a wallet card will be issued by Avenue sent to your McMaster email account. Contact if you are not able to generate your documentation.

I registered in MOSAIC for an update and it is already appearing as Complete in Avenue.  What should I do?

Contact immediately and report your concern.  Modifications to the session will be required to ensure that you can complete your update.


I am a Learner and I was told to enroll in safety courses, but I do not know which ones to take?

Please contact your program administrator. Each program has different requirements for safety courses. Those who require the All In One, are registered in one Avenue course which contains all the necessary modules. The program administrators give FHSSO lists of these students.




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