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Paul Polak                                                                                                                                                   
Compressed Sensing Reconstruction with 23Na MRI

Category: Graduate

Hamed Basseri                                                                                                                                                   
Failure Of IVC Filter Retrieval Due To Thrombosis: Does Type Of Oral Anticoagulation Make A Difference?

Category: Resident

Josh Halperin                                                                                                                                                  
Quality of Information and Legibility of Abdominal CT Requisitions From The ER

Category: Resident

J. Nair                                                                                                                                                  
Statistical Modelling and Machine Learning Application Using Radiomics from CT High Order Texture Analysis Of Clot For Pre-Treatment Stratification Of Patients Presenting With Acute Ischemic Stroke.

Category: Fellow

Ravi Shergill                                                                                                                                                
Using the Insall-Salvati ratio and visually estimating patella alta on MRI and radiography in the pediatric population.

Category: Resident

Santosh Reddy                                                                                                                                              
Are Ultrasound Guided Pericapsular Steroid And Local Anesthetic Injections Effective In Treating Extra Articular Post Hip Arthroscopic Adhesions?

Category: Fellow

Devang Odedra, A. Alabousi                                                                                                                                              
Magnetic Resonance Enterography (MRE) – A Single Institution Audit of Referral Compliance with Appropriateness Criteria

Category: Resident

T. Menezes                                                                                                                                              
Prospective Evaluation of the Value of Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced (DCE) MR Imaging for Prostate Cancer Detection with Pathology Correlation

Category: Fellow

Haonan Mi                                                                                                                                              
Assessing The Interventional Radiologist’s Recommendation on IVC Filter Retrieval: A 6-Year Clinical Audit

Category: Undergraduate

Kate Hames                                                                                                                                             
Barriers to Resident Research in Radiology: A Canadian Perspective

Category: Resident

Amna Al-Arnawoot                                                                                                                                             
Hepatic Steatosis In Contrast Enhanced CT

Category: Resident

Nicholas Simard                                                                                                                                           
¹​H-Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy for Quantifying Neural Plasticity in Human Spinal Cord

Category: Graduate

C.J. Ozimok                                                                                                                                          
A 2018 International Survey to Assess Use of Oral and Rectal Contrast in CT Protocols For Penetrating Torso Trauma

Category: Resident

Meredith Lynch                                                                                                                                         
Radiologic Management of High Risk Breast Lesions

Category: Fellow

Mandakini Jain                                                                                                                                       
Design of a Novel Photoacoustic System for Clinical Imaging

Category: Graduate

N. Jiang                                                                                                                                      
Degree of Conjugate Gaze Deviation on Computed Tomography Scan Predicts Proximal Vessel Occlusion and Expedite Candidates For Endovascular Therapy

Category: Resident

Alejandro Santos Diaz                                                                                                                                    
Dynamic 31P Spectroscopic Imaging Using Highly Accelerated Echo Planar Readout and Compressed Sensing

Category: Graduate



Paul Polak                                                                                                                                                   
Evaluation of reduced sampling schemes with 3D radial projections for 23Na MRI

Category: Graduate

Joanne Howey                                                                                                                                                              
Acute appendicitis in young adults – Ultrasound sensitivity and imaging trends.

Category: Resident

Kelly Cunningham                                                                                                                                                                  
Is the Insall-Salvati ratio of the patella tendon length (PTL) to the length of the patella (PL) measured on MRI equivalent to that measured on lateral knee radiographs in pediatric patients?

Category: Resident

Nourhan Shalaby                                                                                                                                                                   
Differentiation of Tumour and Normal Breast Tissue using Fluorescence and Diffuse Reflectance Spectroscopy

Category: Graduate

H.S. Maresky                                                                                                                                                                             
MRI Measurements of the Optic Pathway in Pediatric Patients

Category: Fellow

Christopher Eli Graybiel                                                                                                                                                                      
Percutaneous Treatment Of Type 2 Endoleak After Endovascular Aortic Aneurysm Repair Using Transcutaneous Or Transarterial Approach

Category: Resident

Shaheen Cader                                                                                                                                                                    
Renal Cell Carcinoma metastases to the pancreas- a local case series and review of radiologic testing used for diagnosis.

Category: Fellow

Akeel Alali                                                                                                                                                                   
Feasibility of High resolution Ultrasound for SLAP tears of the shoulder compared to MR Arthrography

Category: Resident

Natasha Larocque                                                                                                                                                                     
Development, Implementation, and Evaluation of Senior Medical Student Radiology Electives

Category: Resident

Zachary Hugh                                                                                                                                                                         
Radiology Teaching Files: A Literature Review and Novel Android Application Development

Category: Undergrad

Rebecca Zhu                                                                                                                                                                          
Image gently - reduction of radiation from Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) chest x-rays with appropriate image field size selection - a quality assurance initiative

Category: Resident

Amer Alaref                                                                                                                                                                            
Is Super Microvascular Imaging (SMI) valuable in detecting vascularity in breast lesions?

Category: Fellow

Kathy Zhao                                                                                                                                                                           
Assessing the Gender Authorship Gap in the American Journal of  Neuroradiology: Trends Over a 36 year period.

Category: Resident

Alex Omiccioli                                                                                                                                                                          
Ultrasound Guided Plantar Fascia Fenestration as a Treatment for Plantar Fasciopathy

Category: Fellow

Diana Harasym                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Development of a Standardization Phantom for Measuring Brain g-aminobutyric acid (GABA)

Category: Graduate








Lilian Doerwald
Feasibility of DRS System versus Visual Inspection (Gold Standard) for Grading Erythema.

Category: Grad

Souzan Mirza, Dr. Sriharsha Athreya
Simulation Training in Interventional Radiology

Category: Undergrad

Dr Asad Chaudhry, Dr. Ibraheem Afzal, Dr Julian Dobranowski, Dr Brian Stewart
Teleradiology in Canada: an opinion survey of Canadian Radiologists and Trainees

Category: Fellow

Muhammad Karamat, Troy Farncombe
Anatomical Prior Based Quantitative Maximum-Posteriori Spect Reconstruction Using Accelerated Monte Carlo As Forward Projector

Category: Grad

Dr. Chad Wherry
RadCallprep. A novel teaching tool for anxious new residents beginning radiology call.

Category: Resident

Malek Meshki, Kavita Dhamanaskar
Correlation of Radiological and Clinical Diagnosis of Locally Advanced Breast Cancer

Category: Fellow

Nigel R. Munce, Michael Patlas, Ali Alsagheir, Forough Farrokhyar, Dominic Parry
Novel CT Predictors of Type A Aortic Dissection

Category: Resident

Milita Ramonas, Gregory Jacquin, Larrazabal Ramiro, Yegappan Chidam, Algird A munder, Iyer Vikram, Shalas Demetrios
Peak Systolic Velocities on Doppler May help predict the Risk of Recurrent Stroke in Carotid Artery Near-Occlusion

Category: Fellow

Nourham Shalaby, Alia Al-Ebraheem, Du Le, Qiyin Fang, Tom Farrell, Michael Farquharson
Differentiation of Tumour and Normal Breast Tissue using an Optical Spectroscopy System

Category: Grad

Steffan Frosi Stella, Christopher Elias Graybiel , Sabarinath Nair, Gordon Yip, Fernando Gastaldo
Percutaneous Treatment Of Type 2 Endoleak After Endovascular Aortic Aneurysm Repair: Single Center Experience

Category: Fellow

V. Tan
Imaging Trends in Suspected Appendicitis - A Canadian Perspective

Category: Resident

Akiv Jhirad, Mandakini Jain and Troy Farncombe
Development of a Silicon Photomultiplier (SiPM) Based Near Infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS) Platform for Mapping of Intracranial Hematomas

Category: Undergrad

Nasim Hemmati, Kavita Dhamanaskar, Hoshang Zakaria
Is Preoperative MRI Beneficial in Patients with Invasive Ductal Carcinoma?

Category: Fellow

Olga Dona, and Michael Noseworthy
Fractal Analysis of the brain blood oxygenation level dependent (BOLD) signal of mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) patients.

Category: Grad

Nishigandha Burute, Srinivasan Harish, Colm Boylan, Ehsan A Haider
Cystic air spaces with lung carcinoma: an entity to be recognized in routine radiology practice.

Category: Fellow

Parisa Fani, , Michael N Patlas, , Sandra Monteiro.
The Yield of CT KUB in diagnosing obstructive urinary calculus, a comparison between the male and female population.

Category: Resident

Ravi Shergill, Elan Hahn, Gordon Cheng, Allison Brown
Impact of CT ordering policies on patient length of stay in the St. Catharine's Site Emergency Department

Category: Undergrad

Patrick Kennedy, Michelle Kuang, Fernando Gastaldo
Aortic bulge: a possible warning sign of impending aortoenteric fistula

Category: Resident

Evan McNabb, Raimond Wong, Michael D. Noseworthy
Localizing Fiducial Markers using Undersampled co-RASOR MRI for Radiation Therapy Planning

Category: Grad

Anaki Goransky, Ehsan Haider, Sriharsha Athreya
Validation of the Diameter-Axial-Polar Nephrometry Score and Sarcopenia as Predictors of Postoperative Outcomes in Kidney Cancer

Category: Fellow



Effects of exercise on human calf muscle in vivo sodium single and triple Quantum filtered magnetic resonance spectroscopy
Alireza Akbari , Dinesh A. Kumbhare and Michael D. Noseworthy

Development of a CZT based Gamma Camera for Simultaneous Molecular Breast and MR Imaging
Ashley Tao, Michael Noseworthy, Troy Farncombe

MRI Characteristics Of The Rotator Cable In The Presence Of Rotator Cuff Tears
Fady Abdelsayed

Current Status of Radiological Multimodality Imaging
Mandakini Jain and Michael D. Noseworthy

Assessing the Gap in Female Authorship in Emergency Radiology
Milita Ramonas, K. McKenzie, M. Patlas

Conus Medullaris Termination Study: A Retrospective Magnetic Resonance Imaging Study to Determine Safety of L2-L3 Interspace spinal technique
Lisa Udovic, Luigi Matteliano, James Paul, Nina Singh, Wooheon Thomas Kim, Kathleen Oman, MD Leora Bernstein, Lehana Thabane

Real-time filtering of Simultaneous EEG-fMRI artefacts using a Recursive Least Squares (RLS) Adaptive filter
Saurabh B Shaw, John F. Connolly, Michael D. Noseworthy

Limitations reported in current interventional radiology literature: a systematic review
Michelle Kuang, Will Warnica, Marina Wang, Bradley Davis, Hamid Reza Khosravi, Mehran Midia

Image Guided Percutaneous Pancreatic Biopsy
S. Frosi Stella, M. Van Borsel, G. Markose, S. Nair

Audit of IVC filter insertion, retrieval and follow-up.
Alex Omiccioli

Setting up a short MR enterography protocol: DWI acquisition pre or post contrast media and antiperistaltic agent injection?
Farhan Ahmed, Dr Nina Stein, Dr J Davila



Malek Meshki, Michael N. Patlas, Abdullah Alabousi, Sandra Monteiro, Douglas S. Katz
Assessing the prevalence and clinical relevance of positive abdominal and pelvic ct findings in senior patients presenting to the emergency department

Peng. J, Hahn. E, Saha. A, Athreya S
Reducing patient anxiety during interventional radiological procedures using video glasses

Dr.Vital Rangashamanna, Dr.Ryan Rebello, Dr.Srinivasan Harish,Dr.Aninda Saha
Unenhanced images; unnecessary radiation or added value in preoperative ct localization of abnormal parathyroid gland(s) in primary hyperparathyroidism

Walker, Danielle
CT chest in the evaluation of a non-specific clinical presentation

Moffatt JIR, Larrazabal R, Van Adel B
Flow diversion versus coiling in large intracranial aneurysms: a cost benefit analysis

Jane Meng, Pablo Cavalcanti, Dr. Shahram Shirani, Dr. Jacob Scharcanski, Dr. Crystal Fong, Jane Castelli, Dr. David Koff
Lung nodule segmentation in chest ct using a novel background estimation method

Ashley Tao, Michael Noseworthy, Troy Farncombe
Measuring the mutual effects between a czt detector and mri for the development of a simultaneous mbi/mri insert

A. Goransky, C. Boylan, ,N. Rao, R.R. Nensey, E. Haider
Bariatric surgery–a review of radiological findings of complications

Kurian Ninan, Rehaan Nensey, Colm Boyaln, Ehsan Haider
Comparison of adequacy of smart prep and test bolus multi-detector cxt pulmonary angiography protocols

Will Warnica, Sriharsha Athreya
Single centre 10-year experience of mechanical thrombectomy for dialysis access and literature review

Crystal Fong, Jeffrey Greenspoon, Sameer Parpia, Brian Yemen, Scott Tsai
Using mr perfusion to stratify patients with treated high-grade gliomas: does it correlate with overall survival?

Saha, Aninda
Smoothening the bumpy journey through the brachial plexus - an interactive case-based review

Dr. Michael Schmidt, Supervisor: Dr. Nina Stein
Clinical audit: adult fingers in portable nicu chest x rays

Basma Al-Arnawoot, MBBS; Yoan K Kagoma, MD; Mohit Bhandari, MD, PhD; Mary M. Chiavaras, MD, PhD
The quality of reporting of randomized control trials in radiology in the last 10 years

Dr Francois Leduc, MD, FRCPC; Dr Kim Legault, MD, FRCPC; Dr Mike Noseworthy, PhD, PEng
Exploring the mechanisms of neuropsychiatric lupus: cerebral mri in lupus patients with cognitive dysfunction and antiphospholipid antibodies

Vincent A. Leung, MD, Susan Reid, MD, FRCSC, Angela Coates, MEd, Michael N. Patlas, MD, FRCPC
Are we missing diaphragmatic rupture?

Lazar Milovanovic, Arun Agrawal, David Koff, Peter Bak, Duane Bender
Investigation into the need for ingesting foreign imaging exams into local systems and evaluation of the design challenges of foreign exam management (fem)

Hoshang Zakaria, Kristopher McLean, Terry Minuk
Comparison of mri and pathological tumour size in invasive breast carcinoma

Hussam Kaka, Tommy Stuleanu, Dr. Sriharsha Athreya
30-day re-intervention rates for interventional radiology patients in a tertiary care centre

Radoslaw Sadowski, Mohamed Naser and Michael Patterson
Quantitative optical molecular imaging

Ruban Gnanakumar, Abdullah Alabousi, Terry Minuk
Retrospective review of underestimation rate in cases of atypical ductal hyperplasia and ductal carcinoma in situ diagnosed on percutaneous breast biopsy: do we need vacuum-assisted biopsy?


Michelle Ong, Vincent Leung, Abdullah Alabousi, Julian Dobranowski, Ehsan Haider
Impact of Implementation of the Simplified Wells Criteria on Referrals for Pulmonary Embolism

N.Syed, T. Minuk and K. Dhamanaskar
Is Preoperative Breast MRI Beneficial for Invasive Lobular Carcinoma?

Priyanka Singh, Tsai Scott, Brian Stewart and Kavita Dhamnaskar
Assess outcome of MR Rectal Cancer Staging using a Synoptic Report that correlates with surgico-pathological results.

Remon Elyas, Jason Martin,Fernando Gastaldo and Sabari Nair
Embolization of Type II Endoleaks: Are We Helping?

Abdullah Alabousi and Michael N. Patlas
Is oral contrast necessary for MDCT of Emergency ROOM patients with ACUTE abdominal pain?

Shauna Kennedy, Arun Mensinka, Ramiro Larrazabal, Demetrios James Sahlas, Almunder Algird
CTA versus TCD in the Assessment of Cerebral Vasospasm Following Intracranial Aneurysm Rupture

Ramonas M, Fong C, Chiavaras MM, Bhandari M, Meng J, Zheng S
Evidence-Based Radiology: An Evaluation of the Recent Radiological Literature

Mohamed Aggag, Devin Peterson, Heba Takrouri, Erik Jurriaans and Kelly Ainsworth
Top 10 common pediatric musculoskeletal imaging measurements: what the pediatric orthopedic surgeon wants to know

Michelle Ong, Vincent Leung, Abdullah Alabousi, Ehsan Haider, Mohammad Aburahmah, Scott Gmora
Early CT detection of Petersen’s Hernias in Antecolic Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass patients with Surgical Correlation.

Sean A Kennedy, William Fung, Atiqa Malik, Forough Farrokhyar and Mehran Midia
Effect of Governmental Intervention on Appropriateness of Lumbar MRI Referrals: A Canadian Experience

Bret A. Landry, Michael N. Patlas
Are we missing traumatic bowel and mesenteric injuries?

Hoshang Zakaria and Arlene Franchetto
Value of Reformations in the CT Evaluation of Hyperdense Middle Cerebral Artery in Acute Stroke

Aggag Mohamed, Brennan Barbara and Stein Nina
MRI superior results compared to ultrasound in diagnosis of invasive placenta: Does it change diagnosis and management

Farheen Manji, Geoff Norman, Jane Castelli, David Koff
Dual Energy for detection of lung nodules in Chest X-Rays



Ryan Foster , Andrew Fox, Mary Lou Ellins
Is the standard Radiology requisition adequate for accurate imaging?

Rebecca Sijia Zhu, Zameer Hirji, Charles Meli and Parag Vora
Interventional radiological retrieval of embolized port-a-cath catheters in children

Prasaanthan Gopee-Ramanan, and Sriharsha Athreya
Retrospective analysis of radiation dose trends in interventional radiology at St. Joseph’s Healthcare

Alyaa H. Elzibak and Michael D. Noseworthy
Assessment of Diffusion Tensor Indices, Mean Blood Oxygen Level-Dependent Signal and Calf Muscle
Cross Sectional Area Following Brief Supine Rest

Alireza Akbari, Dinesh A. Kumbhare, Michael D. Noseworthy
An MR-compatible solution for simultaneous electrical muscle stimulation and MR imaging at 3T

Tyler Coupal, S. Athreya
Outpatient Uterine Artery Embolization for Fibroids – An Initial Experience

Alexander Mark Weber, Noam Soreni, Michael D. Noseworthy
Functional connectivity of medication naïve children with obsessive-compulsive disorder

Ashley Tao, Troy Farncombe
Investigating the Effect of Incorporating Backscatter Photons in Molecular Breast Imaging

Xi Wang, Brian Yemen
Selective imaging of the spine based on clinical symptoms compared with whole spine magnetic resonance imaging

Khinda, Jagbir; Athreya, Sriharsha
Endovascular intervention in renovascular disease: a pictorial review

Violette Cohen-Hallaleh and David Doucette-Preville, Ryan Rebello, Nader Khalidi, Marie Clements-Baker,
George Ioannidis

Magnetic Resonance Angiography for Diagnosis of Giant Cell Arteritis

Kathy Richard, Naveen Parasu and Snezana Popovic (Electronic Poster)
Spontaneous Necrosis in Osteochondromas- An Uncommon Complication

Jennifer Young and E. Haider (Electronic Poster)
The Effect of Inflammatory Bowel Disease on the Portal Vein Size

Michelle Ong, Ehsan Haider, Ryan Rebello (Electronic Poster)
Unusual Cystic lesions in the Abdomen

Saman Sarraf, Raghda Hasswa, Carol Dematteo, John Connolly, and Michael D. Noseworthy
Independent Component Analysis (ICA) Application in Resting-State fMRI Data Classification of Healthy Pre. vs. Post Exercise Brain

A. D. Davis, M. D. Noseworthy
Signal Variations and Consistency in Functional Imaging of Skeletal Muscle After Exercise

Raghda Hasswa, Carol DeMatteo, John Connolly, Michael D. Noseworthy
Effect of Exercise on the Brain: a Resting State fMRI Study

Tyler Coupal, S. Athreya
Retrospective Analysis of Morbidity and Mortality Following Image Guided Percutaneous Gallbladder Drainage

Jason Martin (Electronic Poster)
Microwave vs. Cryoablation for Small Renal Masses - Is there a Difference in Outcome?

N. Hemmati, H. Choudur, M. Schmuck
Osteocondarl Defect of Anterior Knee on MRI: Prevalence and Associated Findings.

Muhammad Irfan Karamat, Troy H. Farncombe
Simultaneous 99mTc /123I SPECT reconstruction using accelerated Monte Carlo
based forward projector

Anand Gaikwad, Carmen Otero Fuentes, Parag Vora
Evaluation of colonic strictures on computed tomographic (CT) colonography in cases of incomplete colonoscopy.

D. Golev, S. Harish, N. Parasu
The displaced enthesophyte: a good radiographic predictor of underlying tendon tears.

K. Finlay, S. Karkhanechi, N. Nguyen and N. Fenton
Reshaping mentorship in residency: A scholarly inquiry of learning experiences and perceptions of a unique program

P S Zvonarev, T J Farrell, R Hunter, M Wierzbick, J E Hayward and R K Sur
Clinical evaluation of 2D/3D registration algorithm for lung brachytherapy


Derek J. Cappon, Zhaojun Nie, Thomas J. Farrell, Qiyin Fang, John Provais, Naresh Murty, William McMillan, Joseph E. Hayward
Optical Property Recovery for the Analysis of Brain Tumour Margins

Sanjay Gupta
The MR Imaging Features of Myxomas and Myxosarcomas

Dr. A. De, Dr. F. Leduc, Dr. N. Muhn, Dr. R Rebello, M. Schmuck
A Study Comparing Different Oral Contrast Media in Small Bowel Distension in CT Enterography

Evan McNabb, Aravinthan Jegatheesan, Michael D. Noseworthy
Evaluation of Resting State Bold Within Locally Advanced Breast Cancer

Jatin Kaicker, Ke Wu, Sriharsha Athreya
Assessing the Reliability and Quality of Online Uterine Fibroid Embolization Resources

Shauna Kennedy, Ramiro Larrazabal, Luciana Ribero
Characterization of Ischemic Infarcts of the Straitum Nucleus: A Retrospective Pilot Study

Mohammed A. Warsi, William Molloy, Michael D. Noseworthy
Fractal Dimension Compared to Resting State Newtork Analysis of Bold MRI in Alzheimer's Disease

Andrew K. Peppin, Marla Lujan, Eric D. Brooks, Jonathan K. Reines, Brittany Y. Jarrett, Narry Muhn, Ehsan Haider
Revised Ultrasound Criteria for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome: Validated Thresholds for Elevated Follicle Population and Ovarian Volume

Xi Yang, Tom Farrell, Hao Peng
Development of a Monte Carlo Simulation Tool for the Light Transporation Inside Scintillation Crystals

N. Lougheed, S. Athreya
Audit of CT Guided Transthoracic Biopsies at the Tertiary Referral Centre

Aravinthan Jegatheesan, Michael D. Noseworthy, Colm Boylan, Bobby Shayegan, Gabriella Gohla, John Fredrick MacGregor
Hybrid PCA-Optimization Framework for Assessing DCE-MRI in Prostate Cancer

Euan Stubbs
Additive Value of MRI of the Spine on MRI of the Sacroiliac Joints in the Imaging Evaulation of Patients With Suspected or Established Spondyloarthropathy

Brian Stewart
The Typical Imaging Characteristics of Common Liver Lesions Using Hepatocyte-Specific Contrast Agents

Michael Di Ianni, Michelle Walker, Terry Minuk
Juravinski Hospital and Cancer Centre Breast Imaging Education Series

George A., Ghandehari H., Haider E.
Infections In Liver: A Pictorial Review

Sarah McNeil, Troy Farncombe
Dosimetry in SPECT

Muhammad Irfan Karamat, Troy H. Farncombe
Simutaneous Dual Isotope Tomoscintimammographic Reconstruction with Monte Carlo Based Crosstalk Correction

Conrad Rockel, Andrew Davis, Greg Wells, Michael D. Noseworthy
Monitoring Exercise-Induced Muscle Changes Using Diffusion Tensor Imaging (DTI)

Marla Shaver, Michael D. Noseworthy
Breath Holding Has No Effect on Bold Signal In The Kidney

Gavin E. G. Jones, Dinesh A. Kumbhare, Srinivasan Harish, Michael D. Noseworthy
Diffusion Tensor Imaging of Lumbar Muscles in Subjects With and Without Low Back Pain

P. S. Zvonarev, T. J. Farrell, R. Hunter, M. Wierzbicki, J. Hayward, R. K. Sur
2D/3D Registration Algorithm for Lung Brachytherapy

Diana L. Glennie, Daniel McKee, Joseph E. Hayward, Thomas J. Farrell
Diffuse Reflectance Spectroscopy for Measuring Blood Concentrations

R. Yuan, B. Ng, E. Miller, G. Pond, M. Schmuck, C. Boylan
An Imaging Algorithm Using Quantitative CT Densitometry Measurements and Lesion Size for the Differential Diagnosis of Adrenal Adenomas and Metastases

Alireza Akbari, Dinesh A. Kumbhare, Michael D. Noseworthy
Study of Dynamic Changes in 23NA of Calf Muscle During Exercise Using a Quadrature Split Birdcage RF Coil

Xi Wang, John You
Clinical Predictors of Abnormal Findings on Unenhanced Computed Tomography of the Head in Non-Trauma Patients in the Emergency Department

Dost M. Khan, Troy H. Farncombe
Development of a Solid-State Silicon-Photomultiplier (SIPM) Based Gamma Camera

Martin J. L., Bhanot K., Athreya S.
Complications of Uterine Artery Embolization: A Meta-Analysis

A. Ihsani, T. H. Farncombe
Quantitative Analysis of Myocardial Damage Through SPECT Imaging Using Pinhole Collimator Geometry

Vu Luong, Mehran Midia, Eli Graybiel, Andrian Bruno
Risk Factors That May Increase The Chance For Post-Embolization Hemorrhage for Patients Presenting with an Acute GI Bleed


A. M Weber, N. Soreni, and M. D. Noseworthy
The Effect of Irreversible Compressions Upon Thin-Slice CT Images: An Evaluation

Pavel Zvonarev, Thomas Farrell, Robert Hunter, Joseph Hayward, Marcin Wierzbicki, Ranjan Sur
2D/3D Registration for Lung Brachytherapy

Nida S. Syed, Mathew Kuruvilla, Hournaz Ghandehari, Nasser O. Algowizai, Paul Missiuna, Devin Peterson, Wayne B. Patola, Zeev V. Maizlin, MD
Juvenile Osteochondritis Dessecans of the Knee: How to Predict the Progression of Osteochondral Lesion

Muhammad Irfan Karamat, Troy Farncombe
Monte Carlo-based Multi-Energy SPECT Image Reconstruction

Sasha N. Bhan, Stephen E. Pautler, Bobby Shayegan, Maurice D. Voss, Ron A. Goeree, John J. You
Cost-utility analysis of management strategies of non-surgical patients with a small renal mass with or without biopsy: radiofrequency ablation, cryoablation, active surveillance

Jones GE, Wong R, Shipwright S, Dryden T, Wardlaw G and Noseworthy M.
Alterations in Resting State BOLD MRI Fractal Dimension after Deep Tissue Swedish Massage

Ashish Patel, Sriharsha Athreya, Maurice Voss
Interventional Radiological Management of Renal Artery Pseudoaneurysm Following Nephron Sparing Surgery: A Summary of 12 Cases Along With a Review of the Current Literature

Vajid Khan, Pawel Stefanski, Mary Lou Schmuck and Dr. Hema Choudur
Correlation between MR Imaging and Surgical Findings in Anterior Talofibular Tears and Associated Calcaneofibular Ligament Tears

Derek J. Cappon, Zhaojun Nie, Joseph E. Hayward, Thomas J. Farrell, Michael S. Patterson, John Provais, Naresh Murty, William McMillan, Qiyin Fang
Design of a Dual Modality, Compact Fibre Optic Probe for use in Optical Biopsy

Alireza Akbari, Naomi Cermak, Michael D. Noseworthy
Design and Construction of a 23Na Radiofrequency (RF) Birdcage Coil for Muscle MRI

Alyaa Elzlbak, Naomi Cermak, Martin Gibala, Michael Noseworthy
Evaluating Healthy and Damaged Muscle Using Nonlinear Dynamics

A. Jegatheesan, M. D. Noseworthy, C. Boylan, B. Shayegan, J. F. MacGregor
Preliminary Study of BOLD-MRI of Prostate Cancer using Principle Component Analysis

Conrad Rockel, Andrew Davis, Michael D. Noseworthy
Preliminary Examination of Caffeine Effects on Exercise in the Human Calf Muscle Using Diffusion Tensor Imaging (DTI)

M. A. Warsi, A. D. Davis, Michael D. Noseworthy
Spiral vs. Cartesian EPI Acquisition of BOLD fMRI for Fractal Dimension Mapping

Oi Lei Wong, Michael D. Noseworthy
Precision of Liver Diffusion Tensor Imaging (DTI)

Ashley Tao, Troy Farncombe
Evaluation of Silicon Photomultipliers (SiPMs) for use in SPECT Imaging

Waslelesky L, Patlas M, Jackson T, Schulman S
Descriptive Analysis of the Inpatient Population Referred for CTPA at a Large Academic Medical Centre

Clary J. Foote, Zeev V. Maislin, Jason Shrouder, Mary M. Grant, Asheeh Bedi, Olufemi Ayen
The Association Between Retus Femoris Avulsion Injuries and Labral Tears: a Retrospective Study

J. Stoneburgh, A. Fatemi-Ardekani, B. Smith, M. D. Noseworthy
MRI Artifacts Due To Ingestion of Iron Supplements

Brent Emigh, Eugene Hsu, Ran An, Harold Haugen, Joseph E. Hayward, Gregory Wohl, Brett Dunlop, David Williams, Mehran Anvari, Qiyin Fang
Experimental Evaluation of Bone Drilling Using Short-Pulsed Laser Ablation

Dmitriy Golev
Neural Axis Abnormalities in Children and Adolescents with Spinal Deformities: Analysis of Prevalence and MR Screening


D. Koff, P. Bac, A. Matos, G. Norman, M. Colpinto, L. Ribeiro
The Effect of Irreversible Compressions Upon Thin-Slice CT Images: An Evaluation

Julius Pekar and Micheal S. Patterson
Multispectral Bioluminescence Tomography: Simulations and Phantom Studies with a Priori X-ray CT Spatial Priors

Kavita P. Dhamanaskar, Kimberly S. Figuera, Susan C. Jerome, Brian L. Yemen
Selective Enhancement of Pulmonary Arteries for Detection of Pulmonary Emboli at 64 Slice MDCT Angiography

Kelly Ainsworth, Pavel Zvonarev, Ehsan Haider, Thomas J. Farrel
Is There an Abdominal Girth Size above Which Enenhanced CT Scanning is Adequate in Diagnosing Acute Appendicitis?

Karmdeep S. Garum, Gabriela Gohla, Bobby Shayegan, Mike Nosewrthy, Colm Boylan
Prostate Cancer: Relationship beteen Post-biopsy Haemorrhage on Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Tumour Detectability with Pathology Correlation

Baochang Liu, Thomas J. Farrell, Michaels S. Patterson
Simulations of Photodynamic Therapy of Human Skin for Dosimetry Development

H. Ghanderhari, M. Kuruvilla, P. Missiuna, D. Peterson, N. Algowizai, J. Clement Z, V. Maizlin
Can MRI Predict the Progession of Osteochondral Lesion in the Pediatric Knee?

Marc E. Vallee, Thomas J. Farrell, Michael S. Patterson
Monte Carlo Simulation of Spatially Resolved Steady-State Diffuse Reflectance in Instramenal Geometry

Brian Stewart, Srinivasan Harish, Terry Popowich, Glen Oomen, Bruce Wainman, Jaydeep Moro
Sonography of the Lateral Ulnar Collateral Ligament of the Elbow: Study of Cadavers and Healthy Volunteers

Oi Lei Wong, Raimond Wong, Michael D. Noseworthy
Spinal Cord Structural changes in Chemotherapy Induced Peripheral Neuropahy (CIPN) as Measured Using Diffusion Tensor Imaging (DTI)

Alyaa Elzibak, Michael D. Noseworthy
Application of Nonlinear Dynamics in the Evaluation of Liver Microvasculature

Ted Scott, Judy Jones, Herschel Rosenberg, Andrea Thompson
Increasing the Detection Rate of Fetal Cardiac Defects During Routing Obstetrical Screening Using the Start Technique

Philip S. Mok, Eva Y. Tan, Mark O. Baerlocher, Sriharsha Athreya
Awareness of Interventional Radiology Procedures and Clinical Duties among Family Physicians in Canada

Dorota D. Linda, Bernard Ng, Ryan Rebello, Srinivasan Harish, George Ioannidis, J. E. M. Young
The Utility of Multidetector CT for Dection of Parathyriod Disease in the Setting Of Primary Hyperparathyroidism

Ashely Tao, Troy Farncombe
Development of an MR-compatible Gamma Camera

Nick Plaksos
Trends in Resident Reporting of MRI, CT, and Radiographs over a 10 Year Period at McMaster University

Brendan Boyd, Michael D. Noseworthy
Free Breathing Renal BOLD Signal Frequency Assessment Following Diuresis

Yongdog Wang
VP Shunt complication: Imaging Findings

H.M Choudur, M. DiIanni, K. Guram, S Zarinehbaf, N. Parasu
Efficacy of High Resolution Computed Tomography for Detections of Early Healing in Scaphold Factures

Diana L. Glenni, Thomas J. Farrell, Joseph E. Hayward, Michael S. Patterson
Use of Integrating spheres to Improve skin PDT Treatment and Dosimetry

A. Shuster, M. Patlas, S. A. Hiltz, A. Kapoor, J. H. Pinthus
Visceral Adiposity at Diagnosis as a Predictor of Tumour Size and Metastatic Progression in Renal Cell Carinoma

A. D. Davis, B. Falk, M. D. Noseworthy
Comparison of EPI and Two Shot Spiral in/out for Muscle BOLD Imaging During Excercise

Alexander Weber, Peter Sheffield, Michael D. Noseworthy
Brain Blood Oxygen Level dependent (BOLD) Fractal Dimensional Analysis Before and After Ethanol Consumption

Kyle Wilson, Faten Al-Douri, Terry Minuk, Kavita Dhamanaskar, Gerald R. Moran
Investigating the Use of Dynamic Optical Breast Imaging in Breast Cancer Detection

Ali Fatemi-Ardekani, Colm Boylan, Michael D. Noseworthy
Indentifying Breast Calcification by Using Susceptibility Weighted Imaging: Optimizing Parameters for Detection of Calcifications at 3T

A. Shuster, M. Patlas, S. A. Hiltz, A. Kapoor, J. H. Pinthus
Visceral Adiposity at Diagnosis as a Predictor of Tumour Size and Metastatic Progression in Renal Cell Carinoma


Sasha N Bhan, Craig L Coblentz, Geoffrey R Norman, Sammy H Ali
Effect of Voice Recognition on Radiologist Reporting Time

Patrick D. Emond, Abram Choi, John O'Neill, Jason Xie, Rick Adachi, Chris L. Gordon
- The Development of EERA: Software For Assessing Rheumatic Joint Erosions

Nick Plaskos and Jonathan Grynspan
- Cardiac MRI: A Survey of Radiology Residents and Cardiology Fellows Regarding the Present and Future.

Diana L. Glennie, TJ. Farrell, MS. Patterson, JE. Hayward, GSawesky, P Woodworth
- Patient-Specific Integrating Sphere for Improvement of Dosimetry in Skin PDT.

Patel S, Khalidi N, Rebello R
- MRI Evaluation of Scalp Artery Inflammation in Patients with Giant Cell Arteritis

Nicoleta Nutiu, Jason J. Clement, John M.Kirby, Parag Vora, Zeev V. Maizlin.
- Temporomandibular Joint Disc Displacement: Evaluation of Correlation of Clinical Findings and MRI Characteristics

W. Counter, T. Farncombe, R.Labiris
- Creation of a Pulmonary Model to Aid in Small Animal Imaging

Shiff, D., Grynspan, J., Larrazabal, R., Sarma, D., Patlas, M.
- Assessment of Accuracy of Resident Reporting in CT of Cervical Trauma

Venkatesh V., You J.J., Laupacis A.
- Socioeconomic Gradients in MR Outpatient Imaging in Ontario

B.N.Jobse, M.Stampfli, M.Jordana, and R.Labiris
- CT Assessment of Disease Severity and Progression in Models of COPD and Asthma

Faten Al-Douri, Kavita Dhamanaskar, Terry Minuk,, Lindsay Simmons, Leela Elavathil.
- Can Breast MRI Define Extent of Co-Existing DCIS (Ductal Carcinoma In Situ) in Patients with Breast Carcinoma?

Michelle L.Walker, Jacqueline A. Brown, Pari Tiwari, Genhee So, John M.Kirby, Parag Vora, Zeev V. Maizlin
- Can CT replace MRI in Pre-operative Assessment of the Circumferential Resection Margin in Rectal Cancer?

Alyaa Elzibak, Michael D. Noseworthy
- Functional Evaluation of Human Liver Using BOLD MRI

J. de Beer, E. Jurriaans, J. Banerjee, D. Petruccelli
- Prevalence of Patellar Osteonecrosis in Primary Total Knee Arthroplasty

Oilei Wong, Raimond Wong, Jeff Fortuna and Michael Noseworthy
- Development of a fMRI Temperature Sensitivity Protocol for Chemotherapy-Induced Peripheral Neuropathy.

Jain V., Venkatesh V., You JJ, Ellins ML, Sheth T
- Extra-Cadiac Findings on Cardiac CTA Using Different Field of View Reformatting Strategies.

Nick Plaskos and John Kachura
- A Survey of Gynecologists and Interventional Radiologists Regarding Uterine Fibroid Embolization.


Peter Zia
 MR arthrography of the Shoulder:  Evaluation of Two Different Injection Techniques

Grace Yeung
- Computed Tomographic Angiography:  A Retrospective Review and Assessment of Intracranial Aneurysm Geometry and Suitability for Endovascular Therapy

Karmdeep Guram
- Increasing the Detection Rate of Normal Fetal Cardiac Anatomy:  Static vs. Real Time Cine Loop Ultrasound Methodology

Mariangela Zamburlini
- In vivo and ex vivo measurements of bone strontium

Andrea Thomson
- Breast Lymphoma:  Radiological Assessment of Pathology Proven Cases of Breast Lymphoma

Richa Mittal
- Trends in Emergency Radiology over a Four Year Period

Annabella Yim and Yvonne Ho
- Impact of Breast MRI on surgical decision in women younger than 45 years old

Ali Fatemi
- Clinical application of susceptibility weighted imaging

Graeme Wardlaw
- Identification of Intratumour Low Frequency Microvascular Components via BOLD signal Fractal Dimension Mapping

Vikram Venkatesh
- Incremental detection of coronary artery disease by assessment of non-calcified plaque on coronary CT angiography

Luciana Ribeiro
- Does the spatial distribution of MS plaques impact in the clinical presentation of MS patients?

Fabiola Vallejo
- Comparison between two techniques when treating large intensity modulated fields for head and neck IMRT treatments

Reza Heydarian
- Using Genetic Algorithms for Optimizing Level Set Function to Detect Edgs of Kidney/Cyst in Abdominal MR Images

Narry Muhn
- CT Pulmonary Angiogram at HHSC – PE or PE plus or PE minus?

Diana Moscu
- Characterization of an integrating sphere based detector for the estimation of tissue optical properties

Alyaa Elzibak
- Functional assessment of human liver using MRI

Grace Yeung
- Breast Carcinoma Recurrences Post Lumpectomy:  Multimodality Pictorial Review of Findings



Luciana T. Ribeiro
The Spatial Distribution of White Matter Magnetization Transfer Ratio in the Normal Human Brain

J. Atanackovic
- Attempt for Silicon Detection in Vivo Using Nuclear Fluorescence and Absorption at the McMaster Accelerator Laboratories (MAL)

Marija Popovic
- Descriptive Methods for Low-Level X-ray Fluorescence Data

Hao Wu
- Magnetic Resonance Imaging Scoring System for Knee disorders in Patients with Osteoarthritis or anterior Cruciate Ligament Injur.

Mariangela Zamburlini
- In-vivo Measurement of Bone Strontium with X-ray Fluorescence

Jamie Smith
- Design and Development of an MRI-Compatible SPECT Camera

Rohin Malhotra
- Title not received

Babak Behnam Azad
- 6-[18F] Fluoro-D-DOPA: A New PET Radiotracer for Tumor Imaging

Diana Moscu
- A Modified Diffusion Model for the Estimation of Tissue Optical Parameters for an Integrating Sphere

Peter Koziarz
- Preliminary Readings of After-Hours Trauma CT Cases by Radiology Residents Versus Final Interpretations by Staff Radiologists at a Level 1 Trauma Center

Graeme Wardlaw
- Application of Non-Linear dynamics in the MRI Analysis of Microvasculature

Shaoying Liu
- Accelerated Monte Carlo Simulation Tehcniques for Image-Based Dosimetry of Radionuclide Therapy

Edgar Jan
- Sonography of the Superomedial Part of the Spring Ligament Complex of the Foot: A study of Cadavers and Asymptomatic Volunteers

Mehran Gohariun
- Design Hardware and Software for Electrical Impedance Tomography



Babak Behnam Azad, Graduate Student
An Alternative Synthesis of 6-[18F]fluoro-L-DOPA: A PET Radiotracer Used for Tumor Imaging

Morie Chen, Radiology Resident
Success of Cerebral Aneurysm Clipping: Correlation Between Neurosurgeons' Clinical Judgment and Cerebral Angiogram Results

Fabiola Vallejo, Graduate Student
Optical treatment of large intensity-modulated fields for head and neck radiation therapy

Mohammed Al Salman, Radiology Resident
Ultrasound of Postoperative Supraspinatus tendon repair With MR Correlation

Rezwan Ashique, Graduate Student
Synthesis of 2-[18F]Fluoro-2-deoxy-ß-D-allose - A Potential PET Radiotracer for Breast Tumour

Richa Mittal, Radiology Resident
Triple wrist arthrogram correlation with MR arthrography and ultrasound in assessing triangular fibrocartilage, scapholunate and lunotriquetral ligaments of the wrist joint

Terry Chung, Radiology Resident First Place
Axial Oblique Imaging of the Wrist

Genhee So, Radiology Resident Second Place
The Impact of Obesity on Image Quality of Chest X-Rays

Jeffrey Lee, Radiology Resident
Evaluation of the quadriceps and patellar tendons after total knee arthroplasty

Daria Comsa, Graduate Student
Difussion approximation-based model for recovery of depth and strength of a bioluminescent source

Brent Pilgrim, Radiology Resident
Abdominal Ultrasound in Glycogen Storage Diseases: A Pediatric Perspective

Diana Moscu, Graduate Student First Place
Quantifying skin redness by diffuse reflectance spectroscopy

David Landry, Radiology Resident
Intramuscular Myxomas: Ultrasound Imaging Appearance and Utility of Core Needle Biopsy in Diagnosis

Zhengfeng Liu, Graduate Student
A Study of the Induction of a Bystander Effect by Low-Energy Neutrons


J. Grynspan, Radiology Resident First Place
Prevention of Missed Traumatic Urethral Injuries: A closer look at Computed Tomography (CT) Findings.

H. Tomlin, Radiology Resident
Brain MR Manifestations of Acquired Hepatocerebral Degeneration

J. Dysart, Graduate Student
Using Changes in Fluorescence to Predict Photodynamic Therapy Treatment Outcome

F. Vallejo, Graduate Student
Parameters Affecting the Spurious Variation of Photon Fluence in IMRT


R. Lee, Radiology Resident First Place
Ultrasound of Intrinsic Wrist Ligament and Triangular Fibrocartilage Injuries.

H. Tomlin, Radiology Resident Second Place
Comparison of Warmed vs. Room Temperature Barium for Double Contrast Lower GI Examinations: Does It Make a Difference ?

J. Dysart, Graduate Student First Place
Implicit Dosimetry to Predict Photodynamic Therapy Treatment Outcome. An In Vitro Approach To An In Vivo Problem.

M. Goharim, Graduate Student Second Place
Magnetic Resonance Electrical Impedence Tomography (MR-EIT)

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