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Dr. Luciana Ribeiro, MD, PhD, FRCPC, dABR, dABN

Neuroradiology Program Director
Associate Professor of Radiology, McMaster University
Staff Radiologist, Hamilton General Hospital

Dr. Crystal Fong, MD, FRCPC

Assistant Neuroradiology Program Director
Assistant Professor of Radiology, McMaster University
Associate Staff, Hamilton General Hospital


Thank you for your interest in Neuroradiology at McMaster University. This website provides an overview of our Residency Program and educational opportunities.

We have been given the category of “Accredited New Program” by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. At the end of training and followed by the successful completion of the subspecialty exam, our residents will be granted the Correspondent Certification by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.

Our strength lies in the great variety and volume of cases evaluated daily with a multidisciplinary approach in our hospitals. Neuroradiology remains a recognized pivot in the care process of these patients and is seen as such by our surgical and clinical colleagues within the neurological sciences, with whom we have built a dynamic and busy culture of service and academic work. Our residents are trained to be successful candidates whom opt for neuroradiology positions in community based and tertiary centres to work with the highest and most current standards of practice.

All our faculty members are fellowship trained, with emphasis on a diverse spectrum within the subspecialty, which includes General Neuroradiology, Head & Neck, Paediatric Neuroradiology, Diagnostic Angiography and Neurointervention. These encompass routine and refined work with different modalities including MRI, CT and ultrasound, as well as involvement in pertinent cases using the most current angiographic and neurointerventional techniques. The resident also has dedicated and protected research and academic time to develop, with collegial guide, enticing and required investigative and educational projects dictated by the practice needs. Our staff physicians consist of young specialists, which include former neuroradiology graduates who are now faculty at McMaster, which is suggestive of a friendly learning and healthy work environment. They are in many ways loyal to the program and to its main goals. We also have faculty members who have been exposed to training inside and outside of Canada, who complement a team with a diverse background and rich experience, instrumental for neuroradiology training.

We work to create the most comprehensive skill set for the neuroradiology resident, providing adequate support in the different areas of the field, promoting research oriented to solve or conveniently approach sensible questions and issues in our subspecialty and fostering integral professional growth. These constitute crucial pillars to cement the base for a promising career as a consultant in neuroradiology. The entire team labours tirelessly to offer a high quality foundation in an innovative and much needed field of diagnostic imaging. We are convinced our reputation is built daily in the ethical and professional work we do servicing our patients and promoting the highest educational and academic standards, which are well aligned with the culture of work and excellence at McMaster University. We offer advanced training in a dynamic and friendly environment.

Feel free to explore our site and get to know the virtues of our program!

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