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McMaster Faculty of Health Sciences Newsmagazine — Volume 9, Issue 3, Fall 2015

Team takes prizes in Canadian University Life Sciences Challenge

A group of four second-year Bachelor of Health Sciences students who hadn't yet finished their anatomy and physiology course took the top prize in those categories at the Canadian University Life Sciences Challenge.

The team of Jake Hong, Dave Nidumolu, Michael Xie and Victor Kang finished first for those categories out of 18 teams in the annual competition in March.

"We felt extremely surprised that our knowledge as a second-year team could compete and surpass that of fourth-year students," said Xie, speaking on behalf of his team. "I think this speaks to how effective McMaster's anatomy and physiology program actually is."

It is a credit to these students that they were able to compete and win against senior students from Canada's top universities.

— Alexander Ball

"The highlight of my day is to be in the anatomy lab for questions and answers with students of this calibre. We only provide the information and experience. It is the students who deserve the credit for taking themselves to this high level of achievement," said their instructor Alexander Ball, a professor of pathology and molecular medicine.