McMaster Platelet Immunology Lab

The McMaster Platelet Immunology Laboratory is licensed under the Hamilton Regional Laboratory Medicine Program with a mission to provide primary testing and investigations for patient samples referred from other centres.

Designated the reference laboratory for the Province of Ontario for alloimmune‐mediated platelet disorders.

The Canadian reference laboratory associated with the International Platelet Nomenclature Committee International Society of Thrombosis and Haemostasis.

Specialized test methods to provide comprehensive investigations to support diagnosis and management.

Under the direction of Dr. John Kelton and Dr. Donald Arnold, the laboratory has over 30 years of research into immune mediated platelet diseases.

Over 300 journal articles and book chapters in collaboration with other investigators, including Dr. Theodore Warkentin and Dr. Catherine Hayward.

Landmark studies published in high impact journals including The New England Journal of Medicine and Blood.