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Christoph Fusch, McMaster University

Dr. Christoph Fusch

Jack Sinclair Chair in Neonatology

Ph: 905-521-2100 x 75721
Fx: 905-521-5007


Research Theme

  • Primary Research: Nutrition and Growth
  • Secondary Research: Placenta Perfusion

Key words

Neonatal intensive care, Perinatal medicine, Nutrition, Growth, Brain development

Research Program Overview

    • Gentle and adapted care
    • Research lab for neonatal growth, nutrition and metabolism
    • Fetal cytokine exposure and the role of the placenta chorioamnionitis
    • Dual closed-loop ex-vivo placenta perfusion
    • Postnatal nutrition and healthy growth of preterm infants
    • Development of an artificial placenta

Current Projects

Review Dr. Fusch's research activity summary of: the artificial placenta; dual closed-loop ex-vivo placenta perfusion; optimizing nutrition and growth of very low birth weigh infants; and strategies for postnatal adaptation.

Current Grants and Collaborations

The neonatal research program at McMaster has established a number of fruitful collaborations on a national and international level leading to joint publications and funded grants:


Selected Publications

  • Samiee-Zafarghandy S, Saugstad OD, Fusch C. (2015). Do we have an answer when it comes to providing extremely preterm infants with optimal target oxygen saturation? Acta Paediatr. 104(3):e130-3.

  • Fusch G, Rochow N, Choi A, Fusch S, Poeschi S, Ubah AO, Lee SY, Raja P, Fusch C (2015). Rapid measurement of macronutrients in breast milk: How reliable are infrared milk analyzers? Clin Nutr. 34(3):465-76.

  • Rochow N, Fusch G, Choi A, Chessell L, Elliott LA, McDonald K, Kuiper E, Purcha M, Turner S, Chan E, Xia MY, Fusch C (2013) Target Fortification of Breast Milk with Fat, Protein and Carbohydrates for Preterm Infants. J Pediatr.163(4):1001-7.

  • Wu WI, Rochow N, Chan E, Fusch G, Manan A, Nagpal D, Selvaganapathy PR, Fusch C. (2013) Lung assist device: development of microfluidic oxygenators for preterm infants with respiratory failure. Lap Chip. 7;13(13):2641-50.

  • Rochow N, Fusch G, Muehlinghaus A, Niesytto C, Straube S, Utzig N, Fusch C (2012) A nutritional program to improve outcome of very low birth weight infants. Clinical Nutrition, 31: 124-131. Epub 2011 Sep 3.

  • Linnemann K, Malek A, Sager R, Schneider H, Blum WF, Fusch C (2000) Leptin production and release in the dually in vitro perfused human placenta. Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism 85: 4298 - 4301

Complete Publication List on Dr. Fusch's PubMed site

Secondary Contact

Laura Bagnulo
Phone: 905-521-2100 x75721

Research Staff

Dr. Gerhard Fusch

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