McMaster University

Peter Boris Centre
for Addictions Research

Scope of Search

Research Themes

The Peter Boris Centre for Addictions Research conducts empirical investigations in four broad domains, described below. An overall theme is translational research on addiction, or what is sometimes referred to as bench-to-bedside approach. What this means is that although many studies do not have a direct application to treatment, we seek to translate experimental methods to clinical applications and all of our work is guided by the goal of ultimately improving patient care.

Theme 1: Psychological Science

The Centre studies addictive behaviour using psychological and neurocognitive assessments, human laboratory studies, and novel crowdsourcing platforms.

Theme 2: Cognitive Neuroscience

The Centre uses cognitive neuroscience to identify the functional and structural brain correlates of addictive behaviour.

Theme 3: Behavioural Genetics

The Centre investigates the role of genetic factors in addictive behaviour by exploring mechanistic characteristics that may clarify how genes confer risk and by examining genetic variation as a predictor of medication response (i.e., pharmacogenetics).

Theme 4: Clinical Research

The Centre conducts applied research including investigations on diagnosis, prognosis, intervention development, and public policy.