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Michael G. DeGroote

Michael G. DeGroote"McMaster University, as you know, is a confirmed world leader in medical sciences. We have, right here in Hamilton, some of the greatest medical minds anywhere. The research that takes place here helps make possible the type of health care that we can hold up as the best in the world. I know this from my personal experience. And that is more powerful than any ranking or measure.

"Our health is one of the most important elements of our lives, yet we feel that so many of the factors affecting it are beyond our control. "If someone is fortunate enough to have the ability or the resources to be able to contribute to this pursuit of good health and the best health care, I can think of no more worthy goal to pursue".

— Michael G. DeGroote

A Generous Individual … A Pivotal Gift

In 2003, businessman Michael DeGroote made history when he made the largest single donation ever to a Canadian university or institution.

His donation of $105 million will have a wide impact on health sciences research, education and care, and accelerate the pace of discovery at McMaster.

"With this gift, I know McMaster will be able to make new breakthroughs and make a real difference in more people’s lives".

– Michael G. DeGroote, December 2003.

McMaster’s Faculty of Health Sciences is following a ‘people first’ guideline in allocating the $105 million gift from Mr. DeGroote. Emphasis will be on hiring international- calibre experts in health education, research and care, particularly in the areas of pain, infectious diseases, stroke prevention and cancer. Key initiatives under way include:

  • The Michael G. DeGroote Institute for Pain Research and Care: $15 million endowment and $5 million to assist in the construction of the institute.
  • The McMaster Centre for Research, Education and Care in Cancer: $10 million endowment.
  • The McMaster Centre for Research, Education and Care in Infectious Diseases: $10 million endowment.

Strategic Alliances and Amplification of the DeGroote Gift

McMaster’s Faculty of Health Sciences intends to make quantum leaps with its important missions in research, education and health care through strategic alliances with corporate and government partners to leverage the DeGroote family gift. It is seeking partners with similar interests who are seeking exceptional opportunities to co-develop leading edge research and enhance health outcomes.