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Arnold, Andrew (Professor Emeritus)




Bahl, Mala (Assistant Clinical Professor, Adjunct)

Barnfield, Paul, (Assistant Clinical Professor, Part-time)

Bane, Anita (Associate Professor, Part-time)

Bell, Kathleen (Assistant Professor, Part-time)

Benger, Ann (Associate Professor, Full-time)

Blandino, Giovanni (Associate Professor, Part-time)

Bordeleau, Louise (Associate Professor, Full-time)

Bramson, Jonathan (Associate Member, Pathology & Molecular Medicine)

Browman, George (Associate Member, Clinical Epidemiology & Biostatistics)

Brouwers, Melissa (Professor, Full-time)

Bryant-Lukosius, Denise (Associate Member, Nursing)



Califaretti, Nadia (Assistant Clinical Professor, Adjunct)

Chouinard, Edmond (Assistant Clinical Professor, Adjunct)

Corbett, Tom (Associate Clinical Professor, Part-time)



Daniel, Juliet (Associate Member, Biology)

Dayes, Ian (Associate Professor, Full-time)

Dhamanaskar, Kavita (Associate Member, Radiology)

Dhesy-Thind, Bindi (Associate Professor, Full-time, Associate Chair, Education)



Elit, Laurie (Associate Member, Obstetrics & Gynecology)

Ellis, Peter (Professor, Full-time, Head, Division of Medical Oncology)

Evans, William K. (Bill) (Professor Emeritus)



Findlay, Brian (Assistant Clinical Professor, Adjunct)

Fraser, Graeme (Associate Professor, Full-time)



Ghert, Michelle (Associate Member, Surgery)

Giesbrecht, Janice (Assistant Clincical Professor, Adjunct)

Goffin, John (Associate Professor, Full-time)

Greenspoon, Jeffrey (Assistant Professor, Full-time)



Hann, Crystal (Assistant Professor, Full-time)

Hallock, Abhirami (Abhi) (Assistant Clinical Professor, Adjunct)

Heller, Barbara (Associate Member, Surgery)

Hillis, Christopher (Assistant Professor, Full-time)

Hirte, Hal (Associate Professor, Full-time)

Hodgson, Nicole (Associate Member, Surgery)

Hodson, Ian D. (Associate Professor, Full-time)

Hotte, Sebastien (Associate Professor, Full-time)

Hubay, Stacey (Assistant Clinical Professor, Adjunct)





Juergens, Rosalyn (Associate Professor, Full-time)

Julian, Jim (Associate Professor, Part-time)



Kapoor, Anil (Associate Member, Surgery)

Kazemi, Ghazaleh (Assistant Professor, Full-time)

Kim, Do-Hoon (Associate Professor, Full-time)

Knight, Gregory (Assistant Clinical Professor, Adjunct)

Kong, Iwa (Associate Professor, Full-time)

Kouroukis, Tom (Associate Professor, Full-time, Head, Division of Malignant Hematology



Lee, Bryan (Assistant Clinical Professor, Part-time)

Lee Justin (Assistant Professor, Full-time)

Lee, Linda (Assistant Clinical Professor, Adjunct)

Lepic, Kylie (Associate Member, Medicine)

Levesque, Michael (Assistant Clinical Professor, Adjunct)

Levine, Mark (Professor, Scientific Director ECRI, Director OCOG)

Levine, Oren (Assistant Professor, Full-time)

Lovrics, Peter (Associate Member, Surgery)

Lukka, Himanshu (Professor, Full-time)



Major, Pierre (Associate Professor, Full-time)

Marcellus, Deborah (Associate Professor, Part-time)

McCarron, Bonnie (Assistant Clinical Professor, Adjunct)

McMillan, William G. (Bill) (Associate Professor, Full-time)

McWhirter, Elaine (Associate Professor, Full-time)

Meyer, Ralph (Professor, Vice President, Oncology & Palliataive Care, Hamilton Health Sciences)

Meyers, Brandon (Associate Professor, Full-time)

Mukherjee, Som (Associate Professor, Full-time)

Muti, Paola (Professor and ArcelorMittal Dofasco Chair in Experimental Cancer Therapeutics)



Neville, Alan (Professor and Associate Dean, Health Professional Education)


Okawara, Gordon S. (Associate Professor, Full-time)


Parpia, Sameer (Assistant Professor, Full-time)

Patel, Maltibehn (Associate Professor, Full-time)

Phillips, Callista (Assistant Clinical Professor, Part-time)

Pond, Gregory (Associate Professor, Full-time)

Pritchard, Kathleen P. (Professor, Part-time)



Kimmen Quan (Assistant Clinical Professor, Adjunct)


Reiter, Harold (Professor, Full-time)

Rusthoven, James J. (Professor Emeritus)



Sagar, Stephen S. (Professor, Full-time)

Seow, Hsien (Associate Professor, Full-time)

Simunovic, Marko (Associate Member, Surgery)

Stevens, Robert (Assistant Clinical Professor, Adjunct)

Strang, Barbara (Associate Professor, Full-time, Radiation Oncology Residency Program Director)

Strano, Sabrina (Assistant Professor, Part-time)

Sur, Ranjan (Professor, Full-time)

Sussman, Jonathan (Professor and Chair)

Swaminath, Anand (Associate Professor, Full-time)



Tam, Amy (Assistant Clinical Professor, Adjunct)

Torres-Trejo, Alex (Associate Member, Medicine)

Tozer, Richard (Associate Professor, Full-time, Chief of Oncology, HHS)

Tsakiridis, Theos (Associate Professor, Full-time)





Vandermeer, Rachel (Assistant Clinical Professor, Adjunct)

Voruganti, Sachi (Associate Professor, Full-time)



Walker, Irwin (Associate Member, Medicine)

Wasi, Parveen (Associate Member, Medicine)

Wasserman, David (Assistant Clinical Professor, Adjunct)

Whelan, Timothy J. (Professor and Canada Research Chair, Associate Chair, Research

Whitton, Anthony (Professor, Full-time)

Wiernikowski, Jennifer (Associate Member, Nursing)

Wong, Jason (Assistant Clinical Professor, Part-time)

Wong, Raimond (Associate Professor, Full-time)

Wright, James (Associate Professor, Full-time, Head, Division of Radiation Oncology)





Yelamanchili, Radhika (Assistant Clinical Professor, Adjunct)


Zbuk, Kevin (Associate Professor, Full-time)


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