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Video project by graduate students Karun Tandon, Pavithra Parthasarathy, and Chandak Upagupta introduces you to the student and alumni perspective about the program:


Student testimonials: this is what our students are saying about the Medical Sciences program at McMaster

John Paul Oliveria — PhD Candidate, Physiology and Pharmacology

JP Oliveria

"I chose to pursue my graduate studies at McMaster because of the tremendous group of people I work with at the Cardio Respiratory Lab! My work environment promotes collaborative research, which allows us the luxury of being able to closely work with other researchers and institutions. Being part of the Medical Science program allows me to have opportunities to grow as a researcher and educator. But most importantly, I have great mentors who provide me with various avenues to nourish and develop my leadership and mentorship skills. I foresee that completing my Medical Science graduate degree here at McMaster will lead to a fruitful career."

Rachael Pfeil — MSc Candidate, Infection and Immunity

Rachael Pfeil

"I chose the Medical Sciences at McMaster because of McMaster's reputation for research and innovation. I completed my undergraduate degree here at McMaster as well, so I knew many of the faculty and teaching staff, and gained a lot from their expertise. I wanted to continue learning in an environment that fosters inquiry and critical thinking. I would definitely recommend the Medical Sciences program to students considering attending McMaster because I have the opportunity to work collaboratively with many great faculty rather than just one, and because it is a great community of which to be a part!"

D'Andra N. Parker — PhD Candidate, Blood and Vasculature

"The Medical Science program at McMaster has afforded me the opportunity to learn and collaborate with world renowned experts in their respective fields. It has provided me with a large network filled with various individuals possessing a broad depth of knowledge and expertise, including basic scientists, medical doctors, clinicians, technicians and research scientists. These experiences have profoundly shaped my doctoral experience, and made this experience invaluable."

Dhuha Al-Sajee — PhD Candidate, Metabolism and Nutrition

Dhuha Al-Sajee

"As a newcomer, I found McMaster location strategic that is close to my kids' schools, recreation center, grocery centers, such as Fortinos and Metro, as well as to parks (Churchill and Cootes Paradise)."

Brian Li — MSC Candidate, Cancer and Genetics

Brian Li

"I chose this program because I was drawn towards McMaster's high standards for quality research. But what I noticed right away on my first day as a graduate student was the friendliness of the office staff. Their enthusiasm and warm personalities put me at ease and made me look forward to my time here in the Medical Science Program."

George Wright — PhD Candidate, Physiology and Pharmacology

"I would recommend Medical Sciences program to others because there is a vast array of things going on in the department from cancer signalling to gastrointestinal electrophysiology. So whatever someone’s interest may be in human health-related biology, there is a lab working on that topic with a professor looking for graduate students.

I like that McMaster is located in a small community like Westdale, but is very close to downtown Hamilton with all the big city amenities. It is really easy to get to campus by bike or by public transit, which is great value with a student transit pass.

After graduation, I expect to be able to enter the scientific industry with a job that pays well and where there is room for advancement. I also expect that I will have a great track record to start an academic career with a PhD from a well-respected school having worked for a field-leading supervisor."

Emily Li — MSc Candidate, Metabolism and Nutrition

Emily Li

"One of the primary reasons I chose to come to the Medical Sciences program at McMaster, was because of the quality of research being conducted here. Not only is research at McMaster innovative and impactful, but I am able to network and learn from scientists who are leaders in their field of research. I am sure that I will graduate from this program with a wealth of knowledge and the skills necessary to have a fulfilling and successful career in science."

David Hare — PhD Candidate, Infection and Immunity

"I like that the program allows you to specialize in a particular discipline. I came to the Med Sci program because it was associated with the research group I wanted to work with and allowed flexibility to personalize my program of study.

The nature around McMaster is surprisingly beautiful and Hamilton has buses through most areas every 15 minutes."

Sarah Kanji — MSc Candidate, Metabolism and Nutrition

Sarah Kanji

"I chose to study medical science at McMaster because of the diverse range of research opportunities. The medical science program has students in so many different departments (from surgery and pediatrics to pathology and biochemistry) that I was sure I would find my niche. Hamilton is a great city to experience culture, food as well as outdoor adventures/scenery. I know that my experience with my MSc has augmented many skills including teamwork/collaboration, managing/leadership and the technical skills needed to conduct research. I feel better prepared to take on any future endeavours whether it be entering the workplace, pursuing professional school or continuing with graduate work."

A-Rum Choi — MSc Candidate, Metabolism and Nutrition

A-Rum Choi

"The reason that I chose Med Sci at McMaster is simply because of my supervisor. I liked one of his research topics and I wanted to investigate it more. I would like to work in industry, especially company that makes baby products. I really hope that obtaining master degree with nutrition in Peds helps me out in getting a decent job afterwards."