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Financial Matters

McMaster is known for its excellence in research and education. To allow Medical Sciences students to concentrate on their studies, a steady source of income is available. It generally comprises of an annual stipend (similar to a salary) that is set out in each prospective student’s admission offer. Usually, stipends consist of a research scholarship from the supervisor’s research grant, a graduate scholarship from our program, a teaching assistantship (for domestic students), and a visa bursary for International students pursuing a Masters degree.

Scholarship Announcement

We are excited to offer the Michael G. DeGroote Doctoral Scholarship of Excellence to incoming doctoral students who have outstanding academic records and excellent research promise. All students eligible for the scholarship will be considered by the Admissions Committee, so no additional application is required.



Stipends for students starting their studies in 2019/20:

  • Masters, Canadian and Permanent Residents: $21,000
  • PhD, Canadian, Permanent Residents and Visa: $24,000
  • Masters, Visa: $27,700 (including $6,700 visa bursary)
  • We are very pleased to offer Entrance Scholarships for high academic achievements: $1,000 for students holding an average grade of A- or higher (based on admission GPA). Only applicants that complete their applications by the Early Deadline date March 31 2019 will be eligible for the Entrance Scholarship.

Please note that these are the minimum amounts and your actual funding may be higher. We encourage students to apply for external and internal scholarships and bursaries. We are proud to say that over one-third of Medical Sciences students receive external support which may result in stipends greater than the minimum amounts noted above.

Applicants should be aware that applications for some external scholarships, such as CIHR, NSERC, etc., need to be submitted during the year BEFORE studies begin.

For more information about scholarships, please visit the School of Graduate Studies webpage.



Tuition Fees

For a detailed list of this year's fees, please visit the Student Accounts & Cashiers webpage