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Important Message About Your Funding

Please note that full-time Medical Sciences students that receive funding as part of their offer of admission will be eligible to receive financial support for either 2 years (MSc students) or 4 years (PhD students) from the time they started in the program.

After 2 years (6 terms) in the Masters program or 4 years (12 terms) in the Doctoral program, the only support you may receive would come from your supervisor in the form of a research scholarship. It is the students' responsibility to contact their supervisor a couple of months before their funding expires and discuss the possibility of further support. If the supervisor is willing to continue to financially support their students that will be ineligible for funding, the Medical Sciences program staff must be informed as soon as possible.  

Also please note that in order to get paid, students who are awarded external funding or awards from McMaster departments, institutes, etc. are required to provide confirmation of their award to the Medical Sciences Graduate Officers.

Financial Information

Graduate students must check their Mosaic account before the end of September to ensure that their account is in order.

Funding formulae for 2021/22


  Domestic Visa
Description Amount
Departmental Scholarship 3,000
Research scholarship 18,000
Total $21,000
Description Amount
Departmental Scholarship 3,000
Visa bursary 6,000
Research scholarship 18,700
Total $27,700
Description Amount
TA or RA in lieu of TA 5,978
Departmental Scholarship 6,000
Research scholarship 12,322
Total $24,300
Description Amount
Departmental Scholarship 6,000
Research scholarship 18,000
Total $24,000




External and internal awards and bursaries may replace all or a portion of the student regular funding.


Tuition Fees

For a detailed list of this year's fees, please read:

[Student Accounts & CashierGraduate Program Fees]