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The Medical Sciences program is divided into five program areas, primarily for administrative purposes. In many cases, individual faculty member's research is not limited to one area so we would like to provide you with more comprehensive information regarding their research interests.

Each individual faculty member's page indicates which program area they belong to, and the Keyword Search tab will allow you to look for the keywords in the individual pages.

A green flag at the right-hand side of the table indicates that the faculty member is actively recruiting graduate students at this time. While the absence of the green flag doesn't mean that you cannot inquire with them regarding their research and potential of supervision, we do recommend that you contact faculty members that indicated their availability as graduate supervisors first.




Name Research Focus Accepting New Students
Al-Nedawi, Khalid

Cancer progression, intercellular communication, extracellular vesicles, oncogene, tumor suppressors, angiogenesis, biomarkers and diagnostics, kidney transplant

Accepting Students
Anvari, Mehran Surgical Outcomes, Benign and Malignant Gastrointestinal Disorders, Gastrointestinal Motor Function  
Armstrong, David Gastroenterology, Nutrition and the Microbiome within the Farncombe Family Digestive Health Research Institute and Nutrition Centre Accepting Students
Arnold, Donald Immune thrombocytopenia, Blood Transfusion, Blood Safety and Novel Treatments. Accepting Students
Ashkar, Ali Innate Immunity, NK/NKT cells, IL-15, Mucosal Immunity, Toll-like Receptors, dsRNA, Tumor, Stem Cell Transplantation Accepting Students
Ask, Kjetil

Transgenic mouse models for cancer and development; Oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes; Cell cycle regulation of mammalian cells; Function of telomeres; Viral vectors for human cancer therapy; Genetics and cytogenetics of human cancer; Gene therapy; Growth factor and cytokine signaling pathways; Genetics of hemoglobinopathies; Protein targeting; Regulation of gene expression; Mechanism of viral infection

Accepting Students
Atkinson, Stephanie Developmental Programming; Perinatal Nutrition; Metabolic development and skeletal growth in children; Clinical Trials  
Austin, Richard Hyperhomocysteinemia, Atherosclerosis, Cancer, Differential Gene Expression,Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress  


Name Research Focus Accepting New Students
Ball, Alexander K. Factors responsible for the death of injured cells in the retina of the eye  
Bane, Anita Stem Cells, Famililial Breast Cancer, Biomarkers, Radiation Therapy  
Beattie, Karen Clinical research, Patient reported outcomes, Imaging, Disease activity, Rheumatology, Rheumatoid arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Lupus, Cohort study, Cross-sectional study, Longitudinal study  
Bercik, Premysl

Microbiota-gut-brain interactions, microbiota-neuro-immune interactions, Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Accepting Students
Bienenstock, John Mast Cells, Neuro-Immune, Mucosal Immunity, Probiotics, Behaviour  
Boreham, Doug    
Bourgeois, Jacqueline    
Bowdish, Dawn Macrophages and macrophage receptor expression in health and disease, immunomodulation, immunophenotyping, drug discovery, mycobacterial and pneumococcal disease.
Bramson, Jonathan T lymphocyte, Genetic Vaccine, Gene Therapy, Virus, Cancer, Flow Cytometry Accepting Students
Bridgewater, Darren ß-catenin, Kidney Development, Glomerular Disease, SIOD  
Burrows, Lori Microbiology, Bacteria, Antibiotic resistance, Biofilms, Pseudomonas, Motility, Adherence, Type IV pili Accepting Students


Name Research Focus Accepting New Students
Caminero, Alberto Intestinal inflammation, Food sensitivity, Allergy, Celiac disease, Intestinal microbiota, Microbial metabolism Accepting Students
Chan, Anthony Thrombosis, Hemostasis, Development, Coagulation, Kinetics, Mechanism, Pediatric  
Chen, Jihong Colonic dysmotility, gastrointestinal motility, High-Resolution Colonic Manometry, spinal cord injury, autonomic nervous system, neuromodulation Accepting Students
Clark, David

Coming Soon

Collins, Stephen M. Gastroenterology, Gut Micobiome, Gut-brain Interactions, Inflammatory, Irritable Bowel Disorders Accepting Students


Name Research Focus Accepting New Students
Denburg, Judah A. Eosinophils, Basophils, Hemopoiesis, Allergic Inflammation, Allergic Disease, Autoimmune Disease, Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
De Souza, Russell    
de Wit, Kerstin Thrombosis, Bleeding, Diagnosis, Anticoagulation, Emergency Accepting Students
Dickhout, Jeffrey Kindey desease, renal fibrosis, inflammation, chronic kidney disease Accepting Students
Doering, Laurie C. Tissue culture, transplantation of stem cells into the CNS, immunocytochemistry, fluorescence and confocal microscopy.  
Dolovich, Myrna B. Aerosols, Asthma, COPD, Dry Powder Inhalers, Inhalation Systems, Lung Deposition, Positron Emission Tomography, Radioaerosols, Scintigraphic Imaging, Simulation  
Duivenvoorden, Helga Prostate, Cancer, Bone, Metastasis, Kallikrein, Matrix Metalloproteinase  


Name Research Focus Accepting New Students


Name Research Focus Accepting New Students
Fahnestock, Margaret Molecular Neurobiology  
Foley Ronan S. Gene Transfer, Dendritic Cells, Adenoviral Gene Transfer, Cytokines, Stem Cells, Clinical Trials  
Forsythe, Paul Microbial-based therapeutic, prophylactic strategies, implications of allergy and asthma Accepting Students
Foster, Warren G. Endometriosis, Ovarian Regulation, Infertility,Cell Culture, Reproductive and Endocrine Toxicology, Pharmacology, and Natural Health Products  
Fox-Robichaud, Alison Inflammation, Sepsis, Liver, Endothelium, Adhesion molecules, Cytokines, Oxidative Stress  


Name Research Focus Accepting New Students
Gauvreau, Gail M. Allergic Asthma, Airway Physiology, Clinical Trials, Inflammation, Progenitor Cells, Molecular Biology
Ghert, Michelle Bone tumours, metastasis, bone degradation, primary cell cultures, siRNA, Multiplex protein detection  
Gillgrass, Amy Immunology, Mucosal Immunology, Infectious Disease and Virology Accepting Students
Gross, Peter Intravital microscopy, Mouse Models, Platelets, Coagulation Factors, Thrombosis, Hemostasis. In vivo models of thrombosis and coagulation. Accepting Students
Gupta, Radhey Drug-Resistance, Molecular, Heat-shock, Proteins, Evolution, Mitochondria  


Name Research Focus Accepting New Students
Hassell John A. Transcription, Oncogenesis, Breast Cancer, Ets Transcription Factors, Transgenic and Knockout Mice, DNA Microarrays  
Hawke, Thomas Muscle regeneration, Muscle growth and adaptation, Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes, Muscle satellite (stem) cells, limb girdle muscular dystrophies Accepting Students
Hayward, Catherine Platelets, Endothelial Cells, Cell Adhesion, Protein Sorting & Secretion, Multimerin, Factor V, Inherited Platelet Disorders, Hemostasis  
Hirota, Jeremy Respiratory mucosal immunology, environmental exposures, asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, cystic fibrosis, airway epithelial cells, ATP Binding Cassette (ABC) Transporters commercialization of research, science communication. Accepting Students
Hirte, Hal Ovarian Carcinoma, Ascites, Growth Factors, Metastasis, Signal Transduction, Cancer Accepting Students
Holbrook, Anne Appropriateness of prescibing, Medication Safety, Comparative effectiveness and Safety, Randomized Trials, Drug Interactions, Prescribing Competence  
Holloway, Alison C. Fetal Origins of Adult Disease, Environmental Contaminants, Obesity,Type 2 Diabetes, Infertility, Endocrine Toxicology  
Huizinga, Jan

Gastrointestinal motility , interstitial cells of Cajal , autonomic nervous system , anorectal manometry , high-resolution colonic manometry , electrophysiology , pseudoobstruction ,constipation , fecal incontinence

Accepting Students
Hynes, Alexander Bacteriophages (bacterial viruses) and their role in shaping the human gut microbiome  


Name Research Focus Accepting New Students
Igdoura, Suleiman Sialidosis, Tay-Sachs, Adenovirus, Sialidase, Mouse Models, Human Genetics, Mutations, Promoters, Gene Therapy  
Inman, Mark D. Asthma, Physiology, Morphology, Lung, Inflammation, Morphometry, Airway Hyperresponsiveness, Bone Marrow, Hematopoiesis  


Name Research Focus Accepting New Students
Jordana, Manel Allergic Inflammation, Asthma, Peanut-induced Anaphylaxis, Immune Regulation, Cytokines, Chemokines, Co-stimulatory Molecule Accepting Students


Name Research Focus Accepting New Students
Kaushic, Charu Mucosal Immunology, Female Genital Tract, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Sex Hormones, HIV, Vaccines Accepting Students
Kavsak, Peter Clinical Chemistry, Cardiac Biomarkers, Cancer Biomarkers  
Kelton, John Platelet Activation, Thrombocytopenia, HIT, Atherosclerosis, Adhesion Molecules  
Khan, Waliul Mucosal Immunity, Host Defense, T Cells, Cytokines, Chemokines, Enteroendocrine Cells, Goblet Cells, Enteric Infection, Inflammation Accepting Students
Killian, Kieran J. Physiology of Respiration, Exercise Performance, Symptoms  
Kim, Paul Fibrinolysis, Coagulation, Fibrinogen, Plasminogen, TAFI, Protein C, Platelets, Prothrombin, Factor V(a), Enzymology Accepting Students 
Kolb, Martin Lung Fibrosis,Tissue Repair, GeneTherapy, Small Animal Imaging, Drug Trials, Clinical Research  
Kretz, Colin Bleeding disorders & cardiovascular disease, high throughput screening, phage display and next generation sequencing, protein identification, structure/function of proteases and their substrates. Accepting Students
Krepinsky, Joan Hypertensive kidney disease, Diabetic kidney disease, Matrix Upregulation, Mesangial cell signaling Accepting Students
Kunze, Wolfgang Gut-brain neurophysiology and sensory processing in health, disease and aging Accepting Students


Name Research Focus Accepting New Students
Labiris, N. Renée Molecular imaging, Lung Imaging, Drug Targeting in the lung, Positron Emission Tomography, Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography, X-ray Computed Tomography, Aerosolized Drug Formulations, Pharmacokinetics, Pulmonary Pharmacology Accepting Students
Larché, Margaret Rheumatoid arthritis, Ultrasound Imaging, Systemic sclerosis, fibrosis  
Larché, Mark Immunology, Immunotherapy, T cell, Epitope, Peptide, Vaccine, Allergy, Asthma, Autoimmunity, Transplantation, Translational medicine Accepting students
Leber, Brian F. B Lymphocyte, Antibody, Autoantibody, Leukemia, Apoptosis, Differentiation, Myelopoiesis, Chemotherapy  
Leonardi, Mathew Complex gynecology, gynecologic surgical planning and outcomes, gynecologic ultrasound, endometriosis, pelvic pain, infertility, uterine diseases (adenomyosis, fibroids), ovarian diseases (polycystic ovarian syndrome, adnexal masses), systematic reviews, meta-analyses  
Li, Chumei    
Liaw, Patricia Activated Pprotein C, Sepsis, Chemotherapy, Vascular Biology, Inflammation, Coagulation, Apoptosis, Monocytes, Endothelium, Endothelial Protein C Receptor, Thrombomodulin Accepting students
Lichty, Brian Vesicular Stomatitis Virus, Coronavirus, Cancer, Myeloma, Interferon  


Name Research Focus Accepting New Students
MacNeil, Lesley    
Mahony, James B. Infectious Diseases, Chlamydia Pneumoniae, Virology, Atherosclerosis, Pathophysiology, Gene Expression, SARS, West Nile Virus  
Margetts, Peter J. Adenovirus, Fibrosis, Angiogenesis, Gene Therapy, Laser Capture Microdissection, Gene Regulation, Renal Disease, Peritoneal Dialysis  
Mazurek, Michael F. Neural signalling in the basal ganglia and cerebral cortex  
McInnes, Natalia Obesity, type 2 diabetes, diabetes remission, weight loss, nutritional interventions, epidemiologic analyses, clinical trials and meta-analyses   Accepting Students
Meyre, David Genetic epidemiology, obesity, type 2 diabetes, gene identification, high-throughput genotyping, next generation sequencing, physiopathology, gene x environment interactions, ethnic diversity, pharmacogenetics, disease prediction, personalized prevention, genomic medicine  
Mishra, Ram K. Gene Expression, Mental and Neurological Disorders, cDNA Expression Array, Antipsychotic Drugs, Signal Transduction in Brain and Retina, Dopamine Receptors and Binding Proteins  
Morrison, Katherine Obesity, cardiometabolic health, adiposity, lipid disorders, clinical practice guideline  
Mossman, Karen Virus Pathogenesis, Interferon, Immune Evasion, Signal Transduction, Tissue Culture, Gene Therapy, Cancer Therapy, Oncolytic Viruses  


Name Research Focus Accept New Students
Nair, Parameswaran Asthma, Airway Inflammation, Sputum cell counts, Airway smooth muscle, Migration, Cysteinyl leukotrienes  
Nazy, Ishac Immune-mediated platelet disorders, Platelet activation, Immune thrombocytopenia, Platelet receptors, Immune response Accepting Students
Neighbour, Helen Asthma and allergic airways disease  
Niles, Lennard P. Molecular neuropharmacology, Melatonin receptors, Gene expression, Neuroprotection, Epigenetic mechanisms  


Name Research Focus Accepting New Students
Obeid, Joyce Pediatrics, Exercise Medicine, Physical activity, Exercise immunology, Natural killer cells, Accelerometers, Movement Accepting Students
O'Byrne, Paul M. Asthma, Airway Hyperresponsiveness, Airway Inflammation Eicosanoids, Cytokines  


Name Research Focus Accepting New Students
Papaioannou, Alexandra Osteoporosis & Fracture; Cystic Fibrosis & Osteo; Clinical Trials; Falls; Bone Density; Quality of Life; Aging; Long-Term Care; Pharmacology; Appropriate Prescribing  
Paré, Guillaume genetic and molecular epidemiology of cardiovascular disease.  
Phillips, Stuart Human, Skeletal Muscle, Protein Turnover, Protein Synthesis, Proteasome, Hypertrophy, Atrophy, Muscle Wasting, Sarcopenia  
Pinthus, Jehonathan    
Pinto-Sanchez, Maria Ines    
Potter, Murray A. Analytical chemistry, Mass Spectrometry, Chromotrography, Biochemical Genetics, Inborn Errors of Metabolism  


Name Research Focus Accepting New Students


Name Research Focus Accepting New Students
Raha, Sandeep Mitochondria, Intracellular Signaling, Aging, Obesity, Hypoxia, Cell Culture, Skeletal Muscle, Cardiovascular, Apoptosis, Diagnostics, Oxidative Stress, Respiratory Chain Enzymes Accepting Students
Ratcliffe, Elyanne M. Developmental Programming, Innervation of the Gastrointestinal tract, Pediatric Gastroenterology.  
Rathbone, Michael P. Regulation of cell growth, differentiation and survival, particularly in the nervous system, in health and disease Accepting Students
Richards, Carl D. Chronic Inflammation, Cytokines, Arthritis, Asthma, Atherosclerosis, Adenovirus
Rosebush, Patricia    
Rosenthal, Kenneth L. Mucosal Immunity, Mucosal Vaccination, Recombinant Adenovirus Vectors, CpG DNA, Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV), Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), Cytotoxic T Lymphocyte (CTL), Chemokines  
Rullo, Anthony Chemical biology, Chemical immunology, Synthetic tumor immunotherapy, Immune receptor and antibody covalent labeling, Superselective therapeutic targeting  


Name Research Focus Accepting New Students
Samaan, M. Constantine Immunometabolism, childhood obesity, Pediatric Endocrinology, type 2 diabetes, inflammation, metabolism, cytokines, translational research Accepting Students
Samaan, Zainab Mental Health, Addiction, Clinical, Genetics
Schertzer, Jonathan Immunometabolism, Diabetes, Obesity, Microbiome, Inflammation, Insulin
Sehmi, Roma Asthma Biology, Inflammation, Tissue Eosinophilia, Eosinophilia, Eosinophil Progenitor, Cell Migration and Differentiation, Innate Lymphoid Cell Biology  
Schulman, Sam Clinical studies on thromboembolism/ bleeding. Observational and rendomized controlled studies  
Sheardown, Heather Ophthalmic Diseases, Biomaterials, Drug Delivery, Bioengineering, Preclinical Validation  
Sheffield, William Hemostastis, Thrombosis, Coagulation, Mutagenesis, Recombinant Proteins, Plasma Proteins
Singh, Gurmit Mitochondria, Reactive Oxygen Species, Stress Signal Pathway, Bone Metastasis, Matrix Metalloproteinases, Photodynamic Therapy Accepting Students
Sloboda, Deborah Perinatal programming, Reproduction, Metabolism, Early life origins, Maternal microbiome, Obesity  
Smaill, Fiona HIV Infection, Infectious Diseases, Diagnostic Microbiology, Meta-Analyses, Pregnancy  
Stearns, Jennifer Microbial Succession of the Infant Micorobiome  
Steinberg, Greg Insulin resistance, Obesity, Cytokines, Inflammation, Lipid metabolism, Exercise  
Svenningsen, Sarah Lung imaging, Ventilation, Magnetic resonance imaging, Computed tomography, Airways disease, Accepting Students


Name Research Focus Accepting New Students
Tang, Damu Apoptosis, Tumor Suppressors (pTEN, p14ARF), DNA Damage, Erk Activation  
Tarnopolsky, Mark Mitochondria, Estradiol, Muscle Damage, Apoptosis, Inflammation, Skeletal, Muscle, Exercise, Neuromuscular Disorders, Aging, Corticosteroids  
Teo, Koon    
Timmons, Brian Children and Adolescents, Physical Activity and Exercise, Health and Disease, Inflammation, Energy Metabolism, Nutrition Accepting Students
Trigatti, Bernardo Atherosclerosis, Cardiovascular Disease, Glycosylation, Inflammation, Knockout, Lipoprotein, Mouse Genetics,Transgenic, Vascular Biology  
Tsakiridis, Theos Cancer Biology, Radiation Biology, Tumor Biomarkers, Growth Factor Signal Transduction, Tumor Radiation Sensitizers, Targeted therapy Accepting Students


Name Research Focus Accepting New Students


Name Research Focus Accepting New Students
Van Ameringen, Michael Anxiety disorders, ADHA, Problematic internet use, Psychopharmacology, Treatment resistance.  
Verdu, Elena Intestinal microbiota and gut barrier, celiac disease, inflammatory bowel disease. Diet-microbiota interactions in chronic intestinal disorders  


Name Research Focus Accepting New Students
Wan, Yonghong Tumor Immunology, Cancer Immunotherapy, Cancer Vaccines, Oncolytic Viruses, Adoptive T Cell Therapy
Waye, John S. Thalassemia, Sickle Cell Disease, Smith-Lemli-Opitz Syndrome, Metachromatic Leukodystrophy, Forensic Identity Testing  
Weitz, Jeffrey Coagulation, Fibrinolysis, Thrombin, Thrombosis, Anticoagulants, Mutagenesis, Recombinant Proteins Accepting Students
Werstuck, Geoff Diabetes Mellitus, Atherosclerosis, Obesity, Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress, Lipid Metabolism, Inflammation  
West-Mays, Judy Eye, Development, Transgenic Mice, AP-2 Transcription Factor, Cataract, Lens, Retina, Glaucoma Accepting Students
Whyte, Peter Cell Cycle, Tumour Suppressor Genes, Cancer  


Name Research Focus Accepting New Students
Xing, Zhou Mucosal immunity, T cell activation, antigen presenting cells, infectious disease, genetic vaccine development, tuberculosis, flu viral infection Accepting students


Name Research Focus Accepting New Students
Yusuf, Salim Epidemiology, Cardiovascular Disease, Ethnicity, Clinical Trials  


Name Research Focus Accepting New Students