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Yonghong Wan

Yonghong Wan



Research Interests


Our research focuses on:

  1. Development of cancer vaccines using conventional and oncolytic viruses
  2. Combination therapies that incorporate adoptive transfer of antigen-specific T cells and oncolytic vaccines
  3. Understanding of the mechanisms underlying immune regulation towards tumor and normal tissue antigens



Small animal handling, bone marrow and lymphocyte isolation, Flow cytometry, cytotoxic T lymphocyte assays, immunohistochemistry, construction and application of viral vectors.


McMaster University
Michael DeGroote Centre for Learning & Discovery

telephone: (905) 525-9140 ext. 22461


Program Area

Infection & Immunity


Research Focus

Tumor Immunology, Cancer Immunotherapy, Cancer Vaccines, Oncolytic viruses, adoptive T cell therapy

Selected Publications

1. Ketogenesis-generated β-hydroxybutyrate is an epigenetic regulator of CD8+ T-cell memory development. Nature Cell Biology. 22:18-25. 2020


2.Endogenous T cells prevent tumor immune escape following adoptive T cell therapy. Journal of Clinical Investigation. 129:5400-5410. 2019

3. Type I IFN blockade uncouples immunotherapy-induced antitumor immunity and autoimmune toxicity. Journal of Clinical Investigation. 129:518-530. 2018

4. HDACi Delivery Reprograms Tumor-Infiltrating Myeloid Cells to Eliminate Antigen-Loss Variants. Cell Reports. 24:642-654. 2018

5. A Pck1-directed glycogen metabolic program regulates formation and maintenance of memory CD8+ T cells. Nature Cell Biology. 20:21-27. 2018