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Greg R. Steinberg

Greg R. Steinberg



Canada Research Chair in Metabolic Diseases
J Bruce Duncan Endowed Chair in Metabolic Diseases
Co-Director Centre for Metabolism, Obesity and Diabetes

Research Interests

Dr. Steinberg is a professor of medicine at McMaster University where he holds a Canada Research Chair and a J. Bruce Duncan Endowed Chair in Metabolic Diseases and is Co-Director of the Centre for Metabolism, Obesity and Diabetes Research.

His research studies cellular energy sensing mechanisms and how endocrine factors, lipid metabolism and insulin sensitivity are linked and contribute to the development of obesity, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer. He has published over 180 papers many in leading scientific journals. His scientific contributions have been recognized by the Endocrine Society, the American Diabetes Association, Diabetes Canada and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research who have each presented him with early career outstanding scientific achievement awards.


McMaster University
Health Sciences Centre

telephone: (905) 525-9140 ext. 21691


Program Area

Metabolism & Nutrition


Research Focus

Insulin resistance, Obesity, Cytokines, Inflammation, Lipid metabolism, Exercise

Selected Publications

Recent Publications:
1. Yabut JM…Steinberg GR. Genetic Deletion of Mast Cell Serotonin Synthesis Prevents the Development of Obesity and Insulin Resistance. Nature Communications. 11, 463, 2020.
2. Day EA, Ford RJ…Steinberg GR. Metformin-induced increases in GDF15 are important for suppressing appetite and promoting weight loss. Nature Metabolism. 1, 1202–1208, 2019.
3. Yabut JM, Crane JD, Green AE, Keating DJ, Khan WI, Steinberg GR. Emerging Roles for Serotonin in Regulating Metabolism: New Implications for an Ancient Molecule. Endocrine Reviews. 40(4):1092-1107, 2019.
4. Steinberg GR, Carling D. AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK): the current landscape for drug development. Nature Reviews in Drug Discovery. 18(7):527-551, 2019
5. Lally JSV…Steinberg GR, Fuchs BC. Inhibition of acteyl-CoA carboxylase by phosphorylation or the inhibitor ND-654, suppresses lipogenesis and hepatocellular carcinoma. Cell Metabolism. 29(1):174-182, 2019
6. Steinberg GR. Outstanding Scientific Achievement Lecture - Cellular Energy Sensing and Metabolism: Implications for Treating Diabetes. Diabetes. 67(2):169-179, 2018.