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Getting Started: Orientation for New Students

Your first few months at McMaster as a new graduate student can be overwhelming, lots of things to do and think about, etc. So we have prepared some useful resources to get you on track and off on the right foot.

School of Graduate Studies Orientation Hub

New graduate student orientation hub

Health and Safety Training

All graduate students must complete safety training as part of their graduate program at McMaster University. Please review the TA/RA training matrix. Note that depending on your type of work in the research lab or as a Teaching Assistant or a Research Assistant, you may need to complete additional courses. Check with your graduate supervisor as well as with your course supervisor, if you are a TA, which courses you need to complete. Training registration is performed via Mosaic and courses are delivered online through Avenue to Learn.

Course Registration

Discuss with your supervisor which graduate courses you will take. For graduate courses registration visit Course Listing tab.

All graduate students, including part-time students, must complete the course SGS 101 - Academic Research Integrity and Ethics and SGS 201 Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 (AODA) within the first twelve months after their admission to graduate studies at McMaster. A graduate student may not obtain a graduate degree at McMaster without having passed these courses. These two courses must be completed prior to the end of the first month of your first term of graduate studies.

Teaching and Research Assistantship

Medical Sciences Graduate Officers will circulate the list of TA assignments to all students as soon as the positions are confirmed between graduate and undergraduate programs. If you are assigned a TA position (i.e., if your name appears on the TA schedule), please contact the course instructor ASAP.

If you were offered a TA/RA in lieu of TA position in your offer letter, but your name is not on the TA schedule, it means that you will be either given an RA in lieu of TA in the second term, or you might have an opportunity to TA in the second term should there be any changes. If you have specific questions about the process, please contact:

Student Groups and Societies

These are just a few examples of areas for students to get involved in around campus and off-campus and meet other students:

Volunteer opportunities:

Discovering Hamilton

Our city has a lot to offer to everyone, and we would like to help newcomers to Hamilton discover the city. Make sure to check out the following:    

Hamilton trails for running, cycling, hiking and other outdoors:

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