Division of Respirology

Thoracic Oncology

Juravinski Cancer Center
The resident has the opportunity to do clinics in thoracic oncology during their second year in the Out-patient Subspecialty Clinic rotation .  There are also a large number of lung cancer in-patients who are encountered during the residents' first year Acute Care Service at the Henderson site.

Medical Expert

  1. Develop a thorough understanding of the diagnosis, staging, natural history, surgical management and prognosis of thoracic malignancies.
  2. Develop a thorough understanding of the chemotherapeutic and radiotherapeutic management of thoracic malignancies, including indications, contraindications and potential benefits (curative and palliative) of such therapy.
  3. Understand the thoracic complications of radiotherapy, including radiation pneumonitis and fibrosis.
  4. Acquire an appreciation of the wide variability in the natural history of thoracic malignancies and their response to therapy.
  5. Develop skills in management of thoracic malignancies in the following areas:
    • Fine needle aspirate of cervical and supraclavicular neck nodes
    • Diagnostic and palliative thoracentesis
    • Pleurodesis
    • Management of pain and dyspnea


To Acquire the ability to discuss with cancer patients and their families the prognosis, treatment options, including palliative chemotherapy, radiotherapy and analgesic therapy.


Understand the importance of collaboration with thoracic surgeon, palliative care team, oncologist, pathologist, primary care physician and respirologist in the management of malignant diseases of the chest.

Health Advocate

To recognize the need for transfer of care or mobilization of resources to serve the needs of patients with lung malignancy living in non-academic centers that require tertiary level care.


To apply critical appraisal skills interpret the dynamic body of literature in the area of early detection and aggressive chemotherapy for thoracic malignancies.


To acquire the ability to discuss end-of-life issues with patients who have incurable lung cancer.