Division of Respirology

Lung Radiology

St. Joseph’s Healthcare and MUMC
During this rotation, the resident will have exposure to thoracic imaging (both plain film and CT scanning) with access to a large volume of radiographic material on the PACS digital imaging and data storage system.

Medical Expert

  1. To enhance skills and knowledge in detailed and sophisticated aspects of the interpretation of plain chest radiographs.
  2. To develop skill and experience in the interpretation of CT scans of the thorax and to be able to identify common abnormalities on such studies.
  3. To be able to provide a differential diagnosis for the abnormalities seen on the plain chest radiograph and CT of the thorax.
  4. To gain exposure to the interpretation of CT pulmonary angiography, V/Q Scan and MRI and to understand the advantage and limitations of these studies.
  5. To be able to discuss the indications, contraindications, strengths and weaknesses of radiological imaging of the chest.
  6. To be able to correlate radiographic and anatomical findings in both health and disease.


To establish a dynamic interaction with the radiology team for enhancement of patient centered diagnosis and management.


To respect the responsibilities and competencies of the radiologist as a valued member of the health care team.


To recognize the limited resources available and how this may affect selection and timing of diagnostic testing for any given patient.

Health Advocate

To be able to explain the utility, risks and benefits of radiological procedures to patients so that they can make informed consent about a diagnostic and management plan.


To commit to a lifelong educational process in the area of thoracic diagnostic imaging as the variety of tests, sensitivities of the procedures and risks of interventional procedures changes.


To commit to a high professional standard by recognizing the value that both the Respirologist and the Radiologist bring to thoracic x-ray interpretation, by combining clinical insight and technical skills.