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Natya Raghavan, MD

Natya Raghavan completed medical school at McGill University. She then finished Internal Medicine residency at Queen's University. She is now fortunate to be joining the respirology team here at McMaster University. Only a few months into the program she is already amazed at the amount she has learnt and enjoys the fact that it is in a supportive atmosphere.Natya says, "I am impressed by the faculty's academic curiosity and dedication to both education and patient care and hope to emulate them in my future career."

Natya can be contacted through email at natya.raghavan@mail.mcgill.ca

Anees Sindi, MBChB, ABIM

Anees Sindi is a graduate of Faculty of Medicine-King Abdulaziz University, 2003, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. He did his Internal Medicine training at McMaster University. In his last year of Internal Medicine training, Anees was one of the top five presenters in the residents /fellows competition in Respirology research across Canada as a representative of McMaster University. He also had the great opportunity to present in the Internal Medicine research day in his second year of training in Internal Medicine. Even before he joined our program, Anees worked on archiving the regional respirology rounds and made them available online which allowed everybody to enjoy this great educational event. Anees is enjoying his respirology training here at McMaster. In the course of his training, he has developed an interest in combining his respirology training with critical care medicine. He is planning to pursue critical care training after he completes his training in respirology.

Anees says,” It is really an honor to be part of this great respiratory training program. The research and educational opportunities are simply outstanding in the program. I was lucky to work with world-class researchers who taught me how to be a good researcher. The friendly environment in the program made everybody motivated to work harder and be more productive.”

Anees can be contacted through email at ansindi@yahoo.com

Naomi Spitale, MD

Naomi Spitale is a graduate of the University of Toronto's Medical School. She completed the Internal Medicine Residency Training Programme at McMaster and will be staying in her hometown of Hamilton to study Respirology. Naomi is thrilled to continue working with the talented and supportive group of clinicians, educators and researchers in Hamilton who have already played an instrumental role in her development as a resident with a keen interest in research.

Naomi says, “I am thrilled to be here and could not imagine being anywhere else.”

Naomi can be contacted through email at spitan@mcmaster.ca


Dr. Rebecca Amer, MD, FRCP(C)

Dr. Rebecca Amer is a graduate of McMaster University School of Medicine and has also enjoyed an Internal Medicine residency in Hamilton. She has her MSc in Pharmacology from the University of Toronto and is currently in her first year of training in Respirology. She brings much to this program by demonstrating strong clinical skills, leadership qualities, research initiative and lots of enthusiasm. Rebecca was the recipient of the Dr. David Feldman Internal Medicine award in 2005. This award was given in honour of a former St. Joseph’s Healthcare master clinician who had a successful and impressive career path. Rebecca also received the PGY3 Chief Medical Resident Award for Excellence in Clinic Competence and Teaching in 2007.

Rebecca says, "I am thrilled to be a part of the recently rejuvinated Respirology Training Programme at McMaster University. Respirology Fellows have several different academic and clinical opportunities throughout their training, including involvement in both medical research and clinical education with the option of pursuing a career in critical care if desired. Overall, I am looking forward to the next two years of my training and hopefully will be able to make a positive contribution to this world-renowned group of Respirologists."

E-mail: amerr@mcmaster.ca

Dr. Marcel Tunks, MD, FRCP(C)

Dr. Marcel Tunks is a graduate of the University of Toronto school of Medicine. He did Internal Medicine residency in Toronto, and then came back to McMaster in July 2007 to study Respirology. Marcel was given much praise during his internal medicine training in Toronto. He was complimented as being "a brilliant clinician with outstanding skills as a diagnostician and as an educator." Marcel comes to us as advertised, and has received positive feedback of his performance within two weeks of him setting foot on the wards. Marcel is enjoying the supportive and spirited approach to teaching at McMaster.

Marcel says, "I feel fortunate to be in a program supported by such highly motivated educators and researchers. With any luck, I may eventually be their colleague here at McMaster!"

E-mail: marcel.tunks@utoronto.ca


Dr. Nicole Drost, MD, FRCP(C)

Dr. Nicole Drost is a graduate of the Ottawa University School of Medicine. She did her Internal Medicine residency at Dalhousie, and then came to McMaster in July 2006 to study Respirology. Before deciding on McMaster for Respirology training, Nicole did a one-month elective at St. Joseph’s Healthcare.

Nicole is completing a Clinical Scholarship at McMaster in Sleep Medicine, and has several job offers to start her career in Respirology and Sleep Medicine.

E-mail: nadrost@hotmail.com

Dr. Brian Le, MD, FRCP(C)

Dr. Brian Le is a graduate of McMaster University School of Medicine and has also enjoyed an Internal Medicine residency in Hamilton. He is currently in his second year of training in Respirology. At the time of the residency sub-specialty match, Brian had applied and had been accepted to more than one specialty. He decided on Respirology training during the last week of the match, and is now very excited about his choice. Although he enjoys general clinical Respirology, he also developed more specific areas if interest by the end of his first year. He discovered how exciting it is to write a research protocol and to initiate his own study.

Brian's second year rotations were chosen to allow him to complete his research project, to give him the experience to work as a Respirologist in the community setting, and to explore clinical interests, such as Tuberculosis. Brian currently has a busy and productive practice as a community Respirologist and Internist in Scarborough, Ontario. 

Brian says, "I really enjoyed my training experience at the Firestone Institute. I have learnt a lot from the staffs, and the teaching is excellent. The environment is friendly and supportive"

E-mal: brianle@hotmail.com



Dr. Fahad Al-Ghimlas, MD, FRCP(C)

Dr. Fahad Al-Ghimlas is a graduate of the Faculty of Medicine-Kuwait University. He finished his Internal Medicine residency at the University of Toronto, and then came to McMaster University in July 2006 for further training in Respirology. Fahad is currently in his second year of training in Respirology and has been selected to be the senior resident for the training program since July 2007.

Fahad enjoyed much success in his first year. He received the award of the Canadian Society of Internal Medicine (CSIM) for Excellence in Research. This was in October 2006 for poster session presented during the CSIM annual conference. Furthermore, Fahad successfully completed examinations in Internal Medicine. He is a fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada in Internal Medicine. He also holds the American Board of Internal Medicine.

Dr. Al-Ghimlas views any work or program related interface as an opportunity for maximum educational advancement. In the course of his training, he has developed an interest in Interventional Bronchology and is using the flexibility of our program to create a personalized internal and external learning experience.

Fahad's Clinical Scholarship, completed in June 2009,  has been a successful endeavor.  The year was productive and busy, combining clinical and research elements of Exercise Testing, while earning a Master's degree in Health Research Methodology.  Fahad plans to return to Kuwait, where he plans to have a succussful career in academic Respirology.

Al-Ghimlas F, Hoffstein V. Pleuroparenchymal lung disease secondary to nonoccupational exposure to vermiculite. Can Respir J. 2007 Apr;14(3):164-6.

Fahad says, ‘I am finding this respirology training program very strong. It reflects the strong backbone of McMaster University teaching environment. I was impressed with both the clinical and research avenues. Both attracted me to accept the offer of appointment, a decision I consider one of the best in my life. My channels with the university will continue even after completing my training, as I am interested in academia and McMaster is a world recognized resource I will have the pleasure to collaborate with in future endeavors. Without any doubts I recommend this program to my future colleagues and applicants.’

E-mail: dr_alghimlas@yahoo.com