Division of Respirology

Research Initiatives

Research within the division is wide-ranging, not only from bench to bedside, but to population health and policy; extending from studies of smooth muscle physiology and intracellular signalling through to patient quality-of-life, and from mechanisms of disease through to its management. Clinical and research activities are closely integrated and largely collaborative, leading to comprehensive investigation of mechanisms and outcomes. The proximity of research teams to clinical services has, on the one hand, allowed highly relevant and well-powered clinical studies, and on the other, has ensured rapid incorporation of new knowledge into the care of patients. Research at FIRH is particularly strong in the following areas: asthma, small-animal imaging, allergen challenge, progenitor cell biology, induced sputum and markers of airway inflammation, epidemiology of asthma, mechanistic and cellular research, pulmonary fibrosis, inflammation and repair and clinical investigation.