Dr. Marcel Tunks

Division of Respirology

Marcel Tunks


Associate Professor, Division of Respirology, Department of Medicine




Education and Professional Standing

Dr. Marcel Tunks is one of our newest members to the Firestone Institute for Respiratory Health. Dr. Tunks was born and raised in Hamilton, Ontario at St. Joseph’s Healthcare. After graduating high school, Dr. Tunks went to Medical School at the University of Toronto and graduated in 2004. Afterwards, he went back to the University of Toronto where he studied Internal Medicine which he completed in 2007. In 2009 he graduated from McMaster University’s Respirology Training Program. He continued with McMaster where he fulfilled his Clinical Scholar training until 2010. He also acquired additional training in cardiopulmonary exercise testing in both acute and chronic non-invasive mechanical ventilation. Dr. Tunks primary interest is in chronic respiratory failure, pulmonary physiology and the assessment of dyspnea.

In 2010 he became an Assistant Professor in the Department of Medicine, at McMaster University. Dr. Marcel Tunks is best known for his roles in inpatient and outpatient respirology, as well as Medical Step-down/CCU attending at St. Joseph’s Healthcare. He is the clinical lead for patients requiring long-term mechanical ventilation at St. Joseph's Healthcare, where he is the medical director of the pulmonary function laboratory and the medical liaison to the department of Respiratory Therapy. He is the coordinator for the Division of Respirology's Regional Clinical Rounds. His duties also include doing respiratory consultations at the Juravinski Hospital.