Division of Nephrology

Peter Margetts


Associate Professor, Division of Nephrology, Department of Medicine

Director, MD/PhD Program, McMaster University



Education and Professional Standing

  • PhD, Medical Sciences, McMaster University 2003
  • Fellowship, Royal College, Subspecialty Nephrology, McMaster University 1999
  • Fellowship, Royal College, Internal Medicine, 1998
  • MD, McMaster University 1994
  • BSc, Queen's University 1985

Research Interests

I have an active basic science laboratory with research interests in the mechanisms of fibrosis. We specifically look at peritoneal fibrosis and the implication in clinical peritoneal dialysis. We are interested in the epithelial mesenchymal transition and angiogenesis. We use adenovirus to transfer genes to the peritoneal cavity and then study the fibrogenic response. Most recently, we have made some interesting observations about hypoxia and the role in fibrosis, and have developed an interest in T-cells and the interaction with fibrosis.

We also have an active research program in adenovirus based gene transfer to the kidney and progressive renal disease. This is a new area of research for our group, but we already have made some interesting advances. We also have developed a novel adenovirus based gene transfer vector – the gutless, or helper dependent adenovirus.

The lab includes a senior technician, post doc, 3 graduate students, and a project student. As part of the Hamilton Centre for Kidney Research, we have access to advanced basic science technologies and a full level 2 biohazard facility.

Selected Publications

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