Division of Nephrology

Joan Krepinsky


Professor, Division of Nephrology, Department of Medicine

Member, Committee for Redevelopment of Animal Facilities, St. Joseph’s Hospital



Education and Professional Standing

  • Research Fellowship, basic science, McMaster University, Division of Nephrology [2003-2004]
  • MSc, University of Toronto [2001-2003]
  • Nephrology Residency, University of Western Ontario [1999-2001]
  • Internal Medicine Residency, McMaster University [1996-1999]
  • MD, McMaster University [1993-1996]
  • BSc, biochemistry and computer science, University of Toronto [1988-1993]

Clinical Interests

  • General nephrology
  • Hypertension

Research Interests

  • Mechanisms of progression of chronic renal insufficiency with a focus on glomerular sclerosis
  • Utilize 2 major models: (1) intraglomerular hypertension, (2) diabetes
  • Study mesangial cell signaling in response to: (1) mechanical stress as an in vitro model for intraglomerular hypertension, (2) high glucose as a model for diabetes
  • Pathways which lead to mesangial cell production of extracellular matrix (scar) proteins
  • Test results from cell-based studies in animal models to see if we can reduce glomerular injury and development or progression of renal insufficiency

Selected Publications

  1. Wu D, Peng F, Zhang B, Ingram AJ, Kelly DJ, Gilbert RE, Gao B, Krepinsky JC. PKCβ1 Mediates High Glucose-Induced Akt Activation and TGFβ1 Upregulation in Mesangial Cells: Requirement for Early EGFR Transactivation. J Am Soc Nephrol In press.
  2. Peng F, Zhang B, Wu D, Ingram AJ, Gao B, Krepinsky JC. TGFβ-Induced RhoA Activation and Fibronectin Production in Mesangial Cells Requires Caveolae. Am J Physiol Renal Physiol 295:F153-164, 2008.
  3. Peng F, Wu D, Gao B, Ingram AJ, Zhang B, Chorneyko K, McKenzie R, Krepinsky JC. RhoA/Rho-kinase Contribute to the Pathogenesis of Diabetic Nephropathy. Diabetes 57:1683-92, 2008.
  4. Ghayur MN, Krepinsky JC, Janssen LJ. Contractility of the Renal Glomerulus and Mesangial Cells: Lingering Doubts and Strategies for the Future. Med Hypotheses Res. 4:1-9, 2008.
  5. Wu DC, Peng FF, Ingram AJ, Zhang BF, Gao B, Krepinsky JC. Collagen I Induction by High Glucose is Mediated by EGFR and PI3K/Akt Signaling in Mesangial Cells. Diabetologia 50:2008-2018, 2007.
  6. Zhang BF, Peng FF, Wu DC, Ingram AI, Gao B, Krepinsky JC. Caveolin-1 Phosphorylation is Required for Stretch-Induced EGFR and Akt Activation in Mesangial Cells. Cell Signal 19:1690-1700, 2007.
  7. Peng FF, Wu DC, Ingram AJ, Zhang BF, Gao B, Krepinsky JC. RhoA Activation in Mesangial Cells by Mechanical Strain is Dependent on Caveolae and Caveolin-1 Interaction. J Am Soc Nephrol 18:189-98, 2007.
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  12. Krepinsky J, Wu D, Ingram A, Scholey J, Tang D: Developments in MEK1 Inhibitors and Their Use in the Treatment of Disease. Expert Opin. Ther. Patents 12(12):1795-1811, 2002.
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