Division of Nephrology

Azim S. Gangji

MD, MSc, BSc, Pharm, FRCPC, FACP

Assistant Professor of Medicine, Division of Nephrology, Department of Medicine

Chairperson, PGY3 Internal Medicine Academic Half Day

Co-director, Plasmapheresis Program, SJH

Director, Nocturnal Hemodialysis Program SJH



Education and Professional Standing

  • MSc Health Research Methodology, McMaster University 2007
  • Clinician Investigator, RCPSC Certified, McMaster University 2007
  • Fellowship RCPSC, Nephrology 2004
  • Fellowship RCPSC, Internal Medicine 2003
  • MD, McMaster University 1999
  • BSc Pharmacy, St. John’s University 1992

Research Interests

  • Volume assessment in dialysis patients
  • Nocturnal hemodialysis
  • Case based learning in postgraduate medical education

Selected Publications

  1. Gangji AS, El-Helal B, Brimble S, Churchill DN, Margetts PJ. Association between N Terminal Propeptide B-Type Natriuretic Peptide and Markers of Hypervolemia. Perit Dial Int. 2008 May:28(3):308-11.
  2. Gangji AS, Cukierman T, Gerstein HC, Goldsmith CH, Clase CM. A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis of Hypoglycemia and Cardiovascular Events: A Comparison of Glyburide with Other Secretagogues and with Insulin. Diabetes Care. 2007 Feb:30(2):389-94.
  3. Gangji AS, Sohal A, Treleaven D, Crowther M. Bleeding in Patients with Renal Insufficiency: A Practical Guide to Clinical Management. Thromb Res. 2006:118(3):423-8.
  4. Sohal AS, Gangji AS, Crowther MA, Treleaven D. Uremic Bleeding: Pathophysiology and Clinical Risk Factors. Thromb Res. 2006:118(3):417-22.
  5. Chang CY, Gangji AS, Chorneyko K, Kapoor A. Urological manifestations of BK polyomavirus in renal transplant recipients. Can J Urol. 2005 Oct:12(5):2829-36.
  6. Gangji AS, Windrum R, Gandhi S, Silverman JA, Chan CT: Successful Pregnancy with Nocturnal Hemodialysis. American Journal of Kidney Diseases. 2004 Nov:44(5):912-6.
  7. Gangji AS, Rabbat CG, Margetts PJ: Benefit of Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy in Subgroups of Acutely Ill Patients: a Retrospective Analysis. Clinical Nephrology. 2004 Apr; 63(4):267-75.
  8. Xenodemetropoulos T, Wasi P, Eva K, Norman G, Gangji AS. Introduction of a Case-Based Learning Cirriculum for PGY-3 Internal Medicine Residents. International Conference on Residency Education 2008. RCPSC 2008
  9. Gangji AS, Margetts PJ, Churchill DN, Brimble KS, Wickenden TC, Wilkieson TJ, Bilyk L, Robinson K, Prieur A, Clase CM. Relationship Between Volume Status, Assessed by Bioimpedance and Modality in Prevalent and Incident Dialysis Patients. J Am Soc Nephrol; 18:257A.
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