Division of Infectious Diseases


The Division of Infectious Diseases at McMaster University is a vibrant, collegial and academic division within the Department of Medicine.

The Division of Infectious Diseases seeks to educate

active minds in the fields of infectious diseases and medical microbiology.

We consider infectious diseases knowledge to involve a continuum of educational experiences, from the undergraduate MD

level through residency training, and finally involving research and clinical scholarships.

As such, we offer and support educational experiences at all levels of training.

Growth of E. coli

on McConkey agar

Computer rendering of

flagellated bacteria

Growth patterns help identify

organisms from specimens

Visualization of bacteria/fungi have

played an important role in diagnosis

Diagnosis with molecular technology

enables rapid isolation and treatment

Diagnosis of CNS

infection with MRI

3D rendering of Coronovirus,

the causative agent of SARS

Enterobius Vermicularis:

causative organism for pinworm

Handwashing is an important

measure to prevent infection

Vaccinations are important to

prevent infectious diseases

Mosquitoes transmit diseases

including malaria and West Nile

Studies in labs help to understand

the identification of organisms

Antibiotic therapy is a primary

treatment for infectious diseases

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