Division of Hematology & Thromboembolism

Kathryn E. Webert


Associate Professor, Hematology and Thromboembolism, and Molecular Medicine and Pathology

Director of Operations of Transfusion Services in the Hamilton Regional Laboratory Medicine Program (HRLMP)

Investigator, McMaster Transfusion Research Program (MTRP)

Associate Medical Director with Canadian Blood Services Southwestern Ontario

Education and Professional Standing

  • BSc, Queen's University, 1992
  • MD, University of Western Ontario, 1996
  • FRCPC Internal Medicine, 2000
  • FRCPC Hematology 2001
  • MSc (HRM), McMaster University, 2009
  • FRCPC Clinical Investigator, 2009
  • Graduate Diploma in Health Services and Policy Research, Ontario Training Council and McMaster University, 2009

Research Focus

Dr. Webert's areas of research interest include bleeding in patients with bone marrow failure and the utilization of blood products. She was the co-principal investigator of a pilot clinical trial to investigate the role of hemoglobin level on the frequency of bleeding in patients with acute leukemia and patients undergoing stem cell transplantation. She is also developing a measurement tool to accurately document the severity of bleeding episodes. She is a recipient of several operating grants from Canadian Blood Services and a McMaster Department of Medicine Internal Career Award.

Clinical Focus

Dr. Webert's clinical interests include transfusion medicine, benign hematology, and hemostasis and coagulation. 

Academic Interests

Dr. Kathryn Webert is an Assistant Professor with the Department of Medicine and the Department of Molecular Medicine and Pathology, an investigator with the McMaster Transfusion Research Program, and an Associate Medical Director with Canadian Blood Services.  She is the Director of Operations for Transfusion Services within the HRLMP.  Dr. Webert is involved in teaching medical residents within the Hematology, Internal Medicine and Transfusion Medicine residency programs.

Selected Publications

Hayward CP, Pai M, Liu Y, Moffat KA, Seecharan J, Webert KE, Cook RJ, Heddle NM.  Diagnostic utility of light transmission platelet aggregometry:  results from a prospective study of individuals referred for bleeding disorder assessments.  J Thromb Haemost 2009; 7:676-684.

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Pavenski K, Webert KE, Goldman M. Consequences of transfusion of platelet antibody: a case report and literature review. Transfusion 2008; 48:1981-1989.

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