Division of General Internal Medicine


The Division of General Internal Medicine at McMaster University is a vibrant division composed of individuals with a primary appointment in GIM and individuals who have a primary appointment in other Divisions, but maintain a secondary appointment in GIM. These physicians provide an extremely valuable clinical and teaching role at the hospitals in Hamilton.

We have clinical teaching units at three sites (St. Joseph’s Hospital, McMaster University Medical Centre, Hamilton General Hospital) and have educational opportunities for internal medicine and family practice residents and for elective medical students at the Juravinski Hospital and Cancer Centre.



CityWide, the McMaster GIM newsletter, highlights the activities occurring in the Division of General Internal Medicine.  We invite you to review a copy. 


Dr. Khalid Azzam

Dr. John Booth

Dr. Christine Bradley

Dr. John Cunnington

Dr. Greg Curnew

Dr. Michael Cyr

Dr. Punginathan Dorasamy

Dr. James Douketis

Dr. Hugh Fuller

Dr. James Gibson

Dr. Gordon Guyatt

Dr. Shariq Haider

Dr. Rajendar Hanmiah

Dr. William Harper

Dr. Brian Haynes

Dr. George Heckman

Dr. Anne Holbrook

Dr. Dereck Hunt

Dr. Paul Keith

Dr. Tony Kerigan

Dr. Nader Khalidi

Dr. Phyllis Lebert

Dr. Frances Lester

Dr. Mitchell Levine

Dr. Meera Luthra

Dr. Sharon Marr

Dr. Sergio Mazzadi

Dr. Joseph McMullin

Dr. Mary Messieh

Dr. Brian Misiaszek

Dr. Naufal Mohammed

Dr. Martin O'Donnell

Dr. Tim O'Shea

Dr. Akbar Panju

Dr. Ameen Patel

Dr. Zubin Punthakee

Dr. Gavino Perez

Dr. Ally Prebtani

Dr. Jill Rudkowski

Dr. Holger Schünemann

Dr. Jagmeet Sethi

Dr. Joye St. Onge

Dr. Marianne Talman

Dr. Maria Tiboni

Dr. Manon Tougas

Dr. Edemariam Tsega

Dr. Farzin Visram

Dr. Parveen Wasi

Dr. Tricia Woo

Dr. John You

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