Dr. George Ioannidis

George Ioannidis

MSc, PhD

Associate Professor (PT), Division of Rheumatology, Department of Medicine

Associate Appointment, Associate Scientific Director Geriatric Education and Research in Aging Sciences Centre (GERAS), Associate Professor, Department of Medicine, Division of Geriatrics Medicine, McMaster University



Education and Professional Standing

Dr. Ioannidis is a Research Educator at McMaster University, and holds a joint appointment in the Divisions of Rheumatology and Geriatric Medicine.  Dr. Ioannidis is the Associate Director of Geriatric Education and Research in Aging Sciences (GERAS) centre and is a national member of the scientific advisory council for Osteoporosis Canada.  As a biostatistician and methodologist, his research areas focus on improving methods for disease diagnosis, identifying risk factors that are predictive of disease and disease progression, and developing interventions that improve patient health outcomes and health related quality of life. Furthermore, he is also interested in screening strategies for individuals who are in the early stages of frailty; and investigating  modifiable risk factors for frailty that consist of life-style, social, and nutritional factors. 

Dr. Ioannidis' research achievements to date reflect the multidisciplinary and collaborative nature of his activities. Dr. Ioannidis’ career direction is to link research, clinical practice, education and knowledge translation activities to promote successful point of care improvements for patients.

Selected Publications

  1. Ioannidis G, Jantzi M, Bucek J, Adachi JD, Giangregorio L, Hirdes J, Pickard L, Papaioannou A. The Development and Validation of the Fracture Risk Scale (FRS) that Predicts Fracture Over a 1 Year Time Period in Institutionalized Frail Older People living in Canada: An Electronic Record-Linked Longitudinal Cohort Study. BMJ Open. Accepted 2017.
  2. Rheaume M, Rebello R, Pagnoux C, Carette S, Clements-Baker M, Cohen-Hallaleh V, Doucette-Preville D, Stanley Jackson B, Salama Sargious Salama S, Ioannidis G, Khalidi NA. High-Resolution Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Scalp Arteries for the Diagnosis of Giant Cell Arteritis: Results of a Prospective Cohort Study. Arthritis Rheumatol. 2017 Jan;69(1):161-168.
  3. Papaioannou A, Kennedy CC, Ioannidis G, Cameron C, Croxford R, Adachi JD, Mursleen S, Jaglal S. Comparative trends in incident fracture rates for all long-term care and community-dwelling seniors in Ontario, Canada, 2002-2012. Osteoporos Int. 2016 Mar;27(3):887-897.
  4. Tomizza MA, Jessome MA, Barbosa J, Beattie KA, Bensen WG, Bobba RS, Cividino AA, Emond PD, Gordon C, Hart L, Ioannidis G, Koh MX, Larche M, Tavares R, Tytus S, Adachi JD. Assessing the Reliability of a Semiautomated Segmentation Algorithm for Quantifying Erosions in the Metacarpophalangeal Joints of Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis. J Rheumatol. 2015 Sep;42(9):1582-6.
  5. Ioannidis G, Pallan S, Papaioannou A, Mulgund M, Rios L, Ma J, Thabane L, Davison KS, Josse RG, Kovacs CS, Kreiger N, Olszynski WP, Prior JC, Towheed T, Adachi JD; CaMos Research Group. Glucocorticoids predict 10-year fragility fracture risk in a population-based ambulatory cohort of men and women: Canadian Multicentre Osteoporosis Study (CaMos). Arch Osteoporos. 2014;9:169.
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