Key Contacts

Residency Program Director

Dr. Ally Prebtani

Residency Program Assistant

Ms. Robyn Mitchell
905.521.2100 X44599

Division of Endocrinology & Metabolism

Dr. Ally Prebtani

Dr. Ally Prebtani is the Director of the Endocrinology &
Metabolism Residency Program at McMaster.


The division of Endocrinology & Metabolism encourages residents from the Core Medicine Program as well as residents from other specialty programs including family practice and obstetrics and gynecology to do electives within the division. Elective rotations are preferably one-two months in length in order to ensure an adquate exposure to the broad field of endocrinology.

The primary focus of the rotation is an ambulatory one as most patients with endocrine disorders are managed in the out-patient setting. During this rotation there is also a strong emphasis on interdisciplinary inter-speciality interaction. Residents choosing an elective in endocrinology are expected to participate in a variety of out-patient clinics throughout the week, in-patient endocrine/metabolic consultations, and management of diabetes and pregnancy.

Formal presentations of patients are encouraged, problems are identified and courses of therapy outlined. Residents are expected to develop a critical approach to problems in Endocrinology & Metabolism and to frequently access the literature and use the tenets of both evidence-based medicine and physiology-based medicine to solve problems and enhance knowledge.