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Meet the 2018 Nursing valedictorian

Published: May 28, 2018
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What emoji best represents you? What is your definition of success? Meet Lois Chui, valedictorian at the May 23 convocation for the School of Nursing.

What emoji best represents you? What is your definition of success? Meet Lois Chui, valedictorian at the May 23 convocation for the School of Nursing.

1. Name
Lois Chui

2. Where is your hometown?

3. What is the degree & subject you pursued?
Bachelors of Science in Nursing

4. What made you choose McMaster for your higher education career?
Since I grew up in the area, I always thought that I would go elsewhere for my studies. I was pretty surprised when I applied and accepted my offer to come. I think it was a combination of the campus and the Nursing program that drew me in!

5. What will you be doing after graduation or see yourself doing?
I will be spending my summer at the Ontario Education Leadership Centre (aka my second home) where I will be a camp nurse. When I come back, I would absolutely love to work in the pediatric setting, but we'll see where life takes me!

6. What would you say to your first-year self?
Coming into first year, you're going to be pretty confident of yourself, maybe a little too confident. But remember, there is so much to your university experience than simply achieving a high GPA, as your worth is much greater than what your transcript reads. You'll find yourself in moments where you'll feel inadequate, not smart enough, or contemplate whether Nursing is the right program for you, and that is okay! Humble yourself in those moments and go into every situation with an open mind for opportunities of personal growth. You're in a school where community is a major key, you have an unreal family who lives 5 minutes away, and you have Jesus who is your ultimate source of hope and comfort through your journey here at Mac! So go outside, smell the roses, and really enjoy your next 4 years here!

7. Do you have any advice for current & future students?
These next 4 or 5 years will fly by quicker than you could ever imagine! Embrace the moments where you get to go on a new adventure, step outside of your comfort zone, or even go to that other province for an internship! Take the time to discover what you are passionate about, and pursue it!

8. How has McMaster shaped the person you are today?
Over the 4 years, I've learned to look at the greater perspective in many situations (especially the bad). When all hope seemed lost after making up a dozen pneumonic to help memorize drug side effects while studying for exams, I think about how this moment and circumstance is temporary, and merely a small glimpse of my journey! One question that I always ask myself in tough situations is, "Will this moment matter to me in 5 years?" This has allowed me to see situations through a different lens, maintaining optimism where I can spread positivity to those around me.

9. What events did you enjoy the most at McMaster/Hamilton?
The Hamilton food scene has grown so much over the past 4 years! This made my heart and tummy happy. Unfortunately, not my wallet.

10. What is your definition of success?
To me, success is being blessed with family and friends who play a huge role as my support system. When the temporary aspects of life such as jobs, education, and financial success come and go, I know that their love is constant! (Did I really just say that? I think I've become lactose from all this cheesiness).

11. How has McMaster helped you create a brighter world?
Knowing that I have an opportunity to make a difference in someone else's life motivates me to work hard. Especially in the hospital setting when caring for patients, if I can help make someone feel a little better by providing the best care that I can, or help alleviate the stress of a family member, I'd consider it a win!

12. What motivates you to work hard?
Through evidence-based practice in the Nursing curriculum, I am equipped to make future healthcare decisions based on sound evidence, providing the best and safest care to patients.

13. If you could have any superpower, what would it be? And why?
Teleportation would be a good one. Think about all the time that I would save from going place to place!

14. Who is your favourite professor? Why?
Many of the professors within the School of Nursing have been so supportive throughout my journey at McMaster. This one is hard. If I had to choose one, Amy Palma, if you're reading this, hi! Hello! Amy was my clinical instructor in third and fourth year. She is so supportive, approachable, passionate about Nursing, and always  down for a life chat.

15. What is your best way to de-stress?
Exercising, hanging out with friends, or watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine are good ways – but sometimes a good cry is what does the trick.

16. What emoji best represents you?

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